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Effects of smoking on an Individual and on the Socities Health.

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Effects of smoking on an Individual and on the Socities Health A cigarette is composed of a rolled up piece of paper containing chopped tp tobacco pieces. it usually has a filter at the end so that the smoke that is taken in is less toxic after it is filtered. a cigarette is not only composed of tobacco it also contains 3% nicotine and different additives like humectants and sugars are added to make it easier to inhale. How does smoking effect on individuals health? The most common chemicals that are know and cause disease are Tar is an aromatic compound and it is carcinogenic (cancer causing). Tar gives the brown colour to the smoker's lips, teeth and fingers. Carbon monoxide is caused by the incomplete combustion of carbon in the tobacco. Carbon monoxide attaches to the haemoglobin and does not allow the oxygen to attach to the haemoglobin. This reduces the oxygen that receives the blood by up to 10%. As less oxygen is available to the body the person feels tired and breathless. ...read more.


Antibiotics are needed regularly to cope with frequent infections in the damaged tissue. Different types of diseases that are caused by smoking are heart diseases, atherosclerosis.peripheral vascular disease. hypertension,chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, NORMAL LUNG LUNG WITH CANCER laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, bladdder and kidney cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer, haematopioteic cancer and respiratory infections. LUNG WITH EMPHYSEMA The person who smokes he is not only affected by the smoke of the cigarette. the smoke cuming from the side stream is much more harmful and poisonous because it has not been filtered like the main stream is filtered by the brown filter that is attached to one end of the cigarette. People that are around the smoker are at a higher risk of breathing more toxic wastes in their blood stream as the are braething in more toxins. Pregnant women who smoke have a higher risk of miscarriage and their childern have a higher risk of lung cancer and developing respiratory diseases. the children donot recieve enough oxygen from the mothers blood because the carbon-monoxide from the cigarette attaches to the haemoglobin and does not allow the oxygen to bind with tghe haem group. ...read more.


People that have other illnesses have to wait an awful long time untill they can be treated because their disease is not life treatning. Smoker's put themseleves in such a situation and should not be allowed treatment untill they stop smking. A lot of money is wasted by industries tobuy tobacco from other conutries inorder to make cigrattes. the money the is used to buying the tobacco can be put to good use like for research for diierent diseases. Children are unaware of the risks of smoking and they start smoking because of peer pressure. they also start smoking because they think they look cool. Teenagers start using match sticks, lighters and cigrettes which can causes severe fires and damage to buildings if care is not taken. This also puts innocent lives at risk. The nicotine in the cigarette slows down the functioning of the brain so the smoker gets very aggresive and ajitated if he / she does not obtain the nicotine. The smoker has mood swings and his brain cannot function properly because stimulation is required that is recieved by nicotine. 98% of those people that have coronary heart disease die because they smoke cigrattes these deaths can be avoided if people stop smoking. ...read more.

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