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Factors That Affect The Rates Of Reaction

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Factors That Affect The Rates Of Reaction I am going to be investigating whether the surface area affects the speed of a reaction. I am going to be doing an experiment using calcium carbonate and using hydrochloric acid. Prediction I predict that when the surface area of the calcium carbonate gets bigger then reaction will take place quicker. I know that the larger the surface area the quicker the reaction because of the collision theory. The Collision Theory is about the particles colliding and the more and harder these particles collide, the rate of reaction will be quicker. So more collisions increase the rate of reaction. ...read more.


Increasing Concentration * There are fewer particles so fewer reactions will take place. * There are more particles so more reactions will take place. Increasing Surface Area * There is not much surface area for the one reactant to react with so fewer reactions will take place. * There is much more surface area so the one particle has got more to react with so more reactions will take place. Equipment Safety Goggles Conical Flask Gas Syringe Weighing Scales Measuring Cylinder Clamp Stand Spatula Stop Clock Hydrochloric Acid Calcium Carbonate - Large Medium Small Powder Method 1. Put 2g of Calcium Carbonate into a Conical Flask. ...read more.


The graph shows this information clearly. I took two readings as well to make sure that the results were reliable. Evaluation I carried out some good research about the rates of reaction and speeding them up. To make sure that there was a fair test I measured out the hydrochloric acid carefully and weighed out the calcium carbonate. Also I used the same equipment to make sure there was no difference. I could have made the experiment better by using five variables and taking three readings and then taking an average. My method was good and the experiment was set up well. I used safety goggles to make sure that it was safe for me. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Steven Holt ...read more.

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