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Finding the Formula of Magnesium Oxide

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Finding the Formula of Magnesium Oxide Prediction I predict that the more magnesium burned the more magnesium oxide will be formed. Analysis I can see a pattern in my results. The pattern is a strong positive correlation. The reason for the pattern is that the more magnesium burned, the more magnesium oxide is formed. This is a fixed ration, if the amount of magnesium burned doubles the so will the amount of Magnesium Oxide. ...read more.


This shows how the Magnesium and Oxygen atoms bond together. Evaluation I thought the method was a good way of carrying out the experiment because you could witness the making of Magnesium Oxide very clearly. But the method could have been unreliable as some faults could of occurred during the experiment; for example, the Bunsen Burner could have been off centre resulting in less heat to the crucible than possible. The crucible lid could have also been lifted off too many or too little times enabling the forming of Magnesium Oxide to be fair. ...read more.


The reason for this result could have been that the source of heat, the Bunsen Burner, may have been moved at some point of the experiment burning less Magnesium. Another reason why this could have happened is because the crucible might have been taken off too many or not enough times to form a correct amount of Magnesium Oxide in relation to the mass. If I was to do this investigation again I would make sure that the crucible lid was taken off for a certain amount of time. I would have also repeated my experiment to make sure my results were accurate. By Nina Ryner, 10p/106 ...read more.

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