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Global warming vs global dimming

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Global Warming vs. Global dimming Global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth's atmosphere. Global dimming is the gradual reduction in the amount of hemispherical irradiance (solar energy) at the earth's surface. Is global warming still a major threat or does global dimming balance it out? Global warming has been a large issue in the media lately; many have just began to understand what it is and what its effects are. Global warming is caused by the Greenhouse effect, which is how, gases such as Carbon dioxide, Methane and a few other gases known as Greenhouse gases, prevent an essential amount of heat energy escaping from the earths atmosphere.


The levels of greenhouse gases are rising because of the immense growth in human activity that increases concentrations. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which has the largest impact on global warming. It is stored in fossil fuels, the sea, living matter and the atmosphere. Without the influence of humans the transfers between the stores would balance each other. But with the increase in factories, cars, new technology that use fossil fuels and the increase in population hence more energy in use, this increases the effect. In addition the cutting down of vast amounts of trees (deforestation) once again increases the carbon levels as there are less plants to remove the carbon through photosynthesis.


(3) A report written by Dr. Thomas Gale Moore from the Heartland Institution writes of the benefits of global warming such as: warmer winters which will produce less ice and snow to torment drivers; less money spent on clothes that protect you from the cold; heating bills reduced and less weather related problems and delays. (4) I assessed this research and I found the report very biased. There was no other point of view and I realised that he was very passionate about this issue from his use of emotive language this explained why the report was so biased. The benefits he writes of are only applicable to western countries with moderate overall temperatures. I also researched the Heartland Institution where the author is from.

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