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How does Smoking Affect how Quickly Someone Recovers from Exercise?

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How does Smoking Affect how Quickly Someone Recovers from Exercise? Preliminary Work 1. Count how many beats your heart makes in one minute [this is your resting pulse]. (A) 2.Exercise for one minute and record the pulse immediately. Again for 1 minute. (B) 3. Rest for 5 minutes and record the pulse again. (C) Beats per minute (A) Resting pulse 58 (B) After exercise 112 (C) After rest 58 Plan Many factors affect how quickly someone recovers after exercise. * Asthma. This is a disease, which makes the bronchioles narrower and so makes exchanging gases more difficult. * Bodybuilding. This adds on body mass, therefore making it harder to do exercise. * Smoking. This weakens the lungs by clogging it up with tar, which also makes it harder to breathe. * Drugs. There are many sorts of drugs, and they affect your body in many different ways. * Alcohol. This all depends on the amount of alcohol you take in. * Food. If you are overweight, you should go on a diet, but if you have yourself a poor diet you will start to gain weight. This is because of the lack of nutrients. The variable in which I have chosen is ... Smoking. Apparatus Here is the list of apparatus that I will be using to perform my investigation... ...read more.


Fair Test During the course of our investigation we will have to think of the variables and reflect them on how we will make the experiment a fair test. To make this a fair test we shall... * Use the same piece of skipping rope, * Use the same stop clock, * Read your pulse at the same amount of time after the exercise. Extent and range of evidence to be collected This investigation is going to need about five readings from each person: One, resting pulse; two, after exercise; three, four, five etc... every minute after exercise until original pulse. The 1st reading, which is the rest pulse, will be taken for 30 seconds, immediately 30 seconds after you should start the exercise, which would take 30 seconds. Then straight after you will take your 2nd set of readings for another 30 seconds. You must then record all of your results in a table. For the last set of results you must take the 3rd lot. This will be done by taking readings every minute after the exercise for 30 seconds. We will stop taking readings until the Heart rate returns to its original pulse. Our investigation will consist of only two people, a smoker, and a non-smoker. Asking them if they smoke and if they don't, and whether they can skip will choose the people who will be taking part in our investigation. ...read more.


This leads onto anomalies; we did in fact get one or two anomalous readings. This could be because of many reasons, for example: someone could've tried harder than the other, which would raise their pulse rate, giving a higher reading; or someone could've not tried hard enough, giving a lower reading. We had had three sets of results, which would make the results more accurate. We also had to average them out and insert them into a results table and plot them into a graph. If I were to change the way this experiment was done to improve it I would ask the people who are doing the experiment to take their pulse in a place where it is more precise, so it will give a better reading. To back up the evidence already given, you could do further work. You could do this by yourself; if you were a non-smoker you could do the exercise three times and record all of your results in a table and plot them into a graph. You may possibly start smoking and if you do wait for about a month and redo the experiment by doing the exercise again and record the results in a table and a graph. You will then see what the difference is between a smoker and a non-smoker's pulse rate after doing an exercise. ...read more.

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