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How does the concentration of solute effect osmosis in potato cells?

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How does the concentration of solute effect osmosis in potato cells? Background Information Osmosis is when particles move from a low concentration to a high concentration through this requires energy. Living membranes are called selectively permeable membranes because the membrane will only allow certain particles through. Trial Run For my trial run I will see how the osmosis works in potato cells I will use a low concentration solute. I will then place a piece of potato in the solute. I will then leave it for 15 minutes. I predict that this piece of potato will look fatter and that it will weigh more and that there will be less solute than at the start when there was 200ml. Result From My Trial Runs Solute Starting Weight (g) Finishing Weight (g) Amount of solute (ml) Finishing Amount of Solute (ml) Sugar 8.51 8.17 200 207 Water 8.51 8.57 200 198 Outcome of Trial Runs From my trial runs I have decided to leave the potato pieces for 15 minutes this is because in our trial runs 15 minutes was plenty of time for osmosis to occur. ...read more.


You must then weigh the potato after this to see if the weight has decreased or increased. Strength of Solute Weight of Potato (g) 1 2 3 Finishing weight (g) 1 2 3 Amount of Solute (ml) Difference (g) 1 2 3 Distilled Water 7.52 7.07 7.04 7.64 7.18 7.20 200 +0.12 +0.13 +0.16 10% 7.57 7.67 7.45 7.52 7.58 7.37 200 -0.05 -0.03 -0.08 20% 6.75 5.80 6.41 6.72 5.76 6.43 200 -0.03 -0.04 +0.02 30% 5.67 5.82 5.34 5.44 5.45 4.94 200 -0.23 -0.37 -0.40 40% 5.95 5.95 6.43 5.75 5.79 6.28 200 -0.20 -0.16 -0.15 50% 5.39 4.73 5.38 5.04 4.44 5.05 200 -0.35 -0.29 -0.33 Results Conclusion My graphs above show the difference from each of the three experiments they show how the difference goes down on the first concentration and then up and then down and then up and then down again, Because the line is not in a straight line with each point parallel it shows that the gain strength of the solute and loss or gain in mass of the potato directly linked. ...read more.


As well as the potato I could have found a more accurate way to measure out the solutions and to determine the molar concentrations. Perhaps I could have used a burette. This would ensure that I have an accurate amount of fluid in each test tube. I could also weigh each chip on a more accurate scale, e.g. not to 0.00g but to 0.0000g. There were not any out of the ordinary results, but some were not as close to the line as others. This may have been caused by human error. When the potato chips were removed from the test tubes and dried I may well have dried some potatoes more thoroughly than others and so some would have more excess water, which would add to the mass. If the experiment was repeated I could find another way to dry the potatoes that would ensure that all were dried in the same way for the same time. However with all this said I think that the experiment was truly successful and I was very pleased with the complete comparison of my results with my initial prediction. ...read more.

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