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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Science
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Investigate the effect of exercise on the heart rate.

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A INVESTIGATION ON PULSE RATE Aim: - To investigate the effect of exercise on the heart rate. Hypothesis: I think that when the length of exercise increases, the number of beats per minute will rise. The number of beats per minute will rises steadily because the amount of exercise will gradually increase causing the heart to bear faster. Aerobic respiration is the release of energy from glucose in the presence of Oxygen. Aerobic means in air, but it is the Oxygen in the air that is necessary for aerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration is in the absence of air. This has a major part of your pulse rate rising during exercise because your heart starts to pump more blood faster so that energy can be delivered to the working muscles as quickly as possible. Method: - * One person should be timing how long the other person should be skipping. * You start skipping for 30 seconds until your partner tells you to stop. * Quickly find your pulse on your wrist. * Start counting the amount of times your heart beats for a minute long. Your partner will be timing this again. * When your partner will tell you when to stop and you record you results in the table. * You do each time given 3 times so that you have a fair test.


Unlike anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise uses oxygen to keep large muscle groups moving continuously at a strength that can be maintained for at least 20 minutes. Aerobic exercise uses several major muscle groups throughout the body, especially demands on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to supply oxygen to the working muscles. As a person engages regular aerobic exercise, the heart, lungs, and muscles all become more efficient at using oxygen. The heart pumps more blood with each stroke, the lung capacity of each inhalation increases, and the muscle fibres extract more oxygen from the blood. Some organisms can respire in the absence of air. This is anaerobic respiration. This does not release so much energy and it produces much more toxic waste products. However, if Oxygen is not available, anaerobic respiration is better than nothing. When this happens in our muscles we produce lactic acid that gives you cramps. The metabolism of glycogen or glucose to provide energy for exercise occurs in one of two ways, depending on the presence of available oxygen to the muscle, which in turn depends on the type of exercise being performed. Word Equation: - Glucose + Oxygen Carbon Dioxide + Water Symbol Equation: - C6H12O6 + 6O2 6CO2 + 6H2O Results: - 30secs 1min 1min 30 2mins 2min 30 Test 1 110bps 120bps 136bps 157bps 182bps Test 2 105bps 118bps 128bps 162bps 175bps Test 4 112bps 115bps 141bps 167bps


I have decided this due to a number of factors. I repeated my results three times in order to take an average that would produce more reliable results. All my results were of a similar pattern. Although my results were very similar the test itself was not totally fair this is because if you stacked on the skipping rope time would pass by and you would have start the exercise again. If I were to do the experiment again I would try my best into not stopping or tripping over the skipping rope. Also as the length of exercise time got larger I became tired and in the outcome of this it may have affected the results. By looking at the graph there are no specific anomalies that can be seen. My graph continues to become steeper because the length of exercise had become more so more amount of heart beats would be needed. Overall I am quite pleased with my method of experimenting because I think I was as accurate as I could be and I also reached my initial aim which in some ways shows how I was successful. Although on the other hand I am not that pleased with it as well because I could have made me experiment more fairer by not stopping in the middle of skipping even though it became quite tiring, even though this did not show up in my results very clearly it may have had an impact on the results.

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