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Investigating the effects of concentration on rates of reaction.

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Investigating the effects of concentration on rates of reaction Prediction I predict that the higher the concentration, the quicker the rate of reaction. This will happen because in a higher concentration of a solution, there will be many more particles in the higher and collisions will occur more frequently. The more frequent these collisions, the greater the chance they have of reacting. This means the rate of chemical reaction will increase if the concentration of the reactants is increased. Plan I am going to make a solution of sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid and time it to see how long they take to completely react and repeat it for different concentrations. Firstly I will measure out 50ml of Na S O (aq) using a measuring cylinder and then pour it into a conical flask with a piece of card with a visible 'X' on it. Then I will measure 5ml of 2HCL(aq) and then will use a stopwatch when it has been poured into the conical flask. ...read more.


I will conduct all the tests at room temperature because temperature has an effect on the rate of the reaction. The measures of Hydrochloric acid will all be the same (5ml). The person timing the experiment will look for the disappearance of the cross, otherwise there would be a time lapse between seeing the cross disappear and telling the other person to stop the clock and then eventually stopping the clock. To conduct my experiment safely I will follow normal laboratory rules, which include: � I will wear safety goggles to protect my eyes from chemical splashes. � I will stand up to conduct the experiment, therefore reducing the risk of tripping and spilling chemicals. � I will take care when handling chemicals, particularly Hydrochloric acid and Sodium Thiosulphate because they are irritants. I will not touch my eyes or mouth until I have thoroughly washed my hands. � I will take care when using glassware to prevent injury. Results Concentration Time 1 Time 2 Time 3 Average 1) 50ml Na S O (aq) : 0ml H O 00.33.20 00.32.91 00.35.01 2) 40ml Na S O (aq) ...read more.


Evaluation My experiment went according to plan but there were flaws in it. I think there is a human error factor involved when you are measuring liquids and looking for an end point in the reaction. Although the reaction I chose had a fairly definite end point it was still hard to tell whether the whole cross had disappeared or not. Instead of using a cross a light beam could be used and when the beam goes out that is the end point. A better standard of measuring cylinders and pipettes could be used aswell. My results are good in their accuracy and the points on the graph were plotted as accurately as possible. Although, I did get one anomalous result (highlighted in green) but that is to be expected and I didn't include it in my average. All my 'good' results fitted my prediction and made a strong trend in the graphs. I tested my results 3 times to ensure that I had not made any mistakes, and I also did preliminary work in order to familiarise myself with the project, set-up and equipment and to see if there was a better way of doing the experiment. Ryan Christian ...read more.

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