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My aim is to find out what the best design is for a water wheel. The factors that will affect what happens in my investigation are; Surface area of the blades, which are on the wheelSize of those bladesAmount of water used

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Science Coursework My aim is to find out what the best design is for a water wheel. The factors that will affect what happens in my investigation are; Surface area of the blades, which are on the wheel Size of those blades Amount of water used Size of the water wheel. Weight of the water wheel Height that the water is poured from In order to make is a fair test, I will only change one factor while keeping all the others the same. The factor that I will vary is the amount of water (ml) I pour onto the water wheel. This then will cause the string on the wheel to be wined up quickly. I think that what will happen is that the greater the amount of water poured on the wheel, the faster the wheel will rotate. ...read more.


By the length of the string wind up, it will determine how fast the wheel spun. To make my investigation safe, I made sure that the plastic blades we safely secure in the wheel. When I finished my investigation I made sure that any spilt water was cleaned up in case someone happened to slip on it and injure him or herself. During my investigation, I found out that the weight of the masses were too heavy to be lift up by the string, which is attached to the end of the wheel. I think this happened because the force of the water wasn't strong enough to cause the wheel to turn with power to wind up the string. However, it was strong enough to wind up a piece of string. ...read more.


By doing these things, it makes my results reliable. As the results, on my table, are close, it proves that the way I carried out my investigation was consistent as the differences between the amounts of string wound up wasn't excessive. In order to improve the accuracy of my result, I would have to resort to an electronic means such as a slotted wheel and a photoelectric cell. This means that the string wouldn't stretch or overlap another coil, which could of happened in my investigation. The only anomaly that I faced was that the masses couldn't be lifted because the force of the water on the wheel wasn't greater enough to overcome the weights. If the diameter of the wheel was bigger than the torque would have been greater and therefore would have been able to life the weights. ?? ?? ?? ?? Pamela Austin Mr Barnes Science set 2 ...read more.

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