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Original Writing Urban Legend - The Ugly Truth.

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English Coursework Original Writing Urban Legend The Ugly Truth The trees howled when the long gust of wind creeped through the much deserted village of Woughborough. Lightning struck ever so close to the ancient crippling death warrant hospital. Lying in an old pine bed was the dying Alan Burton. The lightning was flashing through the transparent windows flashing shadows of the severed body going into a spasm, it would shock anyone with a heart. Alan Burton was lying cooped up in his death bed with tubes and wires coming out of him in all directions, He was black and blue all over like he had come out of a boxing ring with a huge mean fighting machine grizzly. He had wide, deeply infected, puss dripping cuts that were hemorrhaging like a volcano erupting, spurting red-hot magma. His face wasn't a face anymore it was a gigantic red scarlet balloon with dark crimson blood gushing down, ready to burst. The doctors stood still struggling for an idea to save this unfortunate expiring man. "Let's amputate" Alan Burton screamed as the lightning and rain shot down outside of the building. "Scalpel" the flesh ripping apparatus eased through the cartilage and tissue, nerves punctured, veins torn. ...read more.


He was bleeding in masses now, and had minute leeches with dark green slime oozing out, the little demons were sucking even more body fluid out. At this rate Mr. Burton could be in a body bag in days! On the outskirts of Woughborough stood a gigantic manor. The skilled Doctor and his striking wife had settled here. Thick opaque bushy Yew trees over shadowed the vague manor. The trees were like cloned guards guarding the fortress. The frail branches fixed up like big boney arms with the milky moon gleaming through the branches onto the ghost-house. The doctor was perched in his grand armchair elegantly smoking his Ghanaian pipe. On the other end of the Victorian room was his young sassy wife only wearing her night-gown which was only a few inches above her toned waist. "Ding dong" "Who could that be at this time, how juvenile" the doctor nervously spoke. He opened the door and there was only a scruffy looking piece of scrap paper. The doctor opened the piece of paper with certain disbelief, the note said; "Your wife looks nice with the night-gown ...off!" The scared doctor swithered around the hall to find that the Victorian lounge was empty. The phone rang while the quivering doctor jumped anxiously. "Hello" "Your wife has got a nice...." ...read more.


The noise of the killer being killed was horrific his organs were spurting and slapping against the grey grave now turning a dark shade of red. He screeched and moaned like when his hand was amputated. The peaked hook was approaching the nearly deceased heart, There was a sudden uproar when the iron made contact. It was like a blown fuse and Alan Burton's fuse was now blown. Alan's last words were "I thought you were dead dad" "That just was 'the ugly truth". Alan's dad walked slowly into the sunset as Alan saw his last pictures before his eyes close forever. A grotesque scene where Alan 'killer' Burton was statically lying in a pool of blood over his much loved mother, he was completely hollow now like his heart had been all the way through. The real killer the novice hook was conveniently perched on top of the brutal grave. A few days later the Woughborough Gazette had a front-page story "Death in Woughborough" and there was a picture sent in from a young boy walking past the crematorium. The picture was of a man with a hook as his hand and him killing himself, but it looked like he was struggling against an invisible force from beyond the grave? The End BY ROBIN THORPE ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Humans as Organisms section.

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