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Osmosis in potato cell lab report

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´╗┐Kelly Jeffrey 20148730 Access to Nursing Title: Osmosis in Potato Cells Aim: To examine osmosis from core cuts from potato with variable sucrose solution. Materials: 3 test tubes 1 test tube rack Safety razor Paper towels Potato tuber Cork borer Pipette Chinograph pencil 10mls distilled water 10mls of 0.2M 0.6M sucrose solution White tile Weight/Scales machine 3 Lids Diagram of apparatus: Method: The above materials were collected. The three test tubes were labelled A, B and C with a chinograph pencil, then placed them into the test tube rack. Pipette into test tube A 10mls with distilled water B 10mls 0.2M sucrose solution and C 10mls with 0.6M sucrose solution. ...read more.


Results: Individual Group 2 A B C Initial weight 0.8 0.8 0.8 Time weight 0.8 0.8 0.6 % change 0 0 -25% Results: Class average Class average A B C Initial weight 0.6 0.6 0.6 Time weight 0.6 0.6 0.5 % Change 0 0 -17 Interpretation of results: Conclusion: After 24 hours the results that are expected from this experiment is that in test tube A a gain in weight should occur, test tube B would stay the same and in test tube C would show a loss in weight. From the following results shows that osmosis had occurred. ...read more.


but the % change has shown nothing had happen. Test tube C results shows that osmosis diffusion ocurred from the hypertonic solution, potato cell being the high water concentration diffusion by osmosis to the solution of low water concentration. The potato cell in test tube C had also descreased in mass and volume and went soft (flaccid). Evaluation: The result table is giving a correct percenage change which concludes that somethings has went wrong during the experiment. Many things can play a factor in why the results are wrong. This could?ve been that all the potato cores had not been blotted the same to show each value of excess water on the paper towel, that the solutions could?ve been mixted, the potato measurement recorded wrong and using the pipette wrong. ...read more.

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