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Osmosis in potato cells.

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Adam Lewis 10Mr Biology practical In my experiment I am going to change the strength of the solution to see how this affects the rate of osmosis in potato cells. Task The variables that could affect the outcome Are : - Variety of potato, size of potato, surface are of potato, temperature, concentration of solution, volume of solution, time in solution. I am going to keep all the variables listed above the same, except for the concentration of the solution, which the potato will be left in. Previous Knowledge Osmosis is the passage of water from a weak to a strong solution through a semi-permeable membrane. ...read more.


I cut 5 pieces of potato in to cylinders using the potato borer and then put the pieces of potato on to the white tile and cut them all level. I then dried the potato with the kitchen towel and took them to the balance to weigh them and wrote it down for all of them (do not get them mixed up) take note of which balance you used for later. Label the test tubes with the solutions that are going to be used. I collected the solutions 0%, 2%, 4% and 10% but I could not get 6%, so I mixed 10ml of 2% and 10ml of 4% solution in the cylinder to make 6%. ...read more.


Do this for all of them. Then let the potato drop out on to some kitchen towel. Role them to dry off the outer layer but don't squash it to hard or you will ruin the results then go back to the same balance that you used before and write down the results making Shaw you don't get the weight mixed up. And put the rest of the apparatus away. Results Conclusion From this experiment I found out that it did what my prediction said and that osmosis does travel from a weak to strong solution Evaluation Over all I think that the experiment went well. One of my results was out but I think that I just got the solutions label the wrong way or mixed them up wrong. ...read more.

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