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Rates of Reaction

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Cleeve Park School Centre number 14133 Candidate number 0003 Rates of Reaction Aims of experiment The aim of the experiment is to find out what happens to the magnesium strip when you change the concentration of the hydrochloric acid. Prediction I predict that the higher the concentration of the acid, the faster the magnesium will dissolve. Plan I am going to carry out this investigation by seeing how fast the magnesium strips dissolve in hydrochloric acid. To do this I will conduct an experiment, placing five magnesium strips in five different concentrations of acid. I will do this experiment twice to get more accurate results then I will compare the results with each other. ...read more.


The only thing I will change is the concentration of the acid, which I will change five times What will you keep the same during the experiment? During the experiment I will keep the temperature of each experiment the same. I will also keep the volume of the acid and the lengths of the magnesium strips the same. Results What did you find out in your experiment? In my experiment I found out that the magnesium strips dissolve faster when the concentration of the acid is increased. What does your graph show? What trends can you see? From my graph you can see that doubling the concentration of the acid does not half the time that it takes the hydrochloric acid to dissolve the magnesium strips. ...read more.


What changes could you have made to improve your experiment? To improve my experiment I could have done three experiments, instead of two for a more wider range of results. Are your results reliable enough to support your prediction? My results were reliable enough to support my prediction. As the magnesium strips dissolved faster in the 2 molar than in the 0.5 molar acid. What caused anomalies in your experiment? I had no anomalies during my experiment as my results were quite accurate. What detailed further work and experiments could you do to provide additional information? To provide additional information could have repeated the experiment a couple of more times to get more accurate results then compared that with what I already have. Jamie Albertsen 11x1 Mr Jobber ...read more.

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