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The Affect of Time on the Rate of Osmosis

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Laura Pottle The Affect of Time on the Rate of Osmosis Aim: To see how the amount of time affects the rate of Osmosis on a potato. Prediction: I predict that during the experiment the potato will shrink as the concentration of the water decreases; we will find this out by measuring the potatoes mass after a certain amount of time. Background Knowledge: Osmosis and dialysis are of prime importance in living organisms, where they influence the distribution of nutrients and the release of metabolic waste products. Living cells of both plants and animals are enclosed by a semi-permeable membrane called the cell membrane, which directs the flow of liquids and of dissolved solids and gases into and out of the cell. The membrane forms a selective barrier between the cell and its environment; not all substances can pass through the membrane with equal facility. ...read more.


Method: By doing this investigation we will find out how the length of time affects the rate of osmosis. Firstly we will have to collect the equipment needed: a cork borer, a potato, a ruler, tweezers, petri dishes, water, 1.5ml solution, scales, a stopwatch and a measuring cylinder. When set up as the diagram below shows we would have measured and recorded the length and weight of the potato pieces. The petri dish with distilled water will be tested first as its weight will be measured every 10 minutes up to 40 minutes. The remaining dishes containing the salt solution will be measured at different times, the quantity in each are equal, however one will be measured at 20 minutes one at 30 mins and one at 40mins, this showing the affects of osmosis at different times. We will repeat the experiment twice to confirm and compare the results. ...read more.


Conclusion: In this investigation we found out how the amount of time affected the rate of osmosis on a potato, we made it a fair test checking everything was right, we repeated the experiment twice collected the results as shown above. In my prediction I thought that the potato would shrink as the concentration of the water decreased, after doing the experiment I found that my prediction was correct. Evaluation: If I was to redo this experiment I would use ordinary tap water as well as distilled water, I would increase and decrease the quantity of water, distilled water and solution and compare my results to the ones I have above. I would also do the time space over 24 hours and collect the results to compare. I would do this to see how the rate of osmosis is affected over a longer space of time. Laura Pottle, 10C2. ...read more.

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