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The Change of Weight in Living Tissue in varying concentration of solutions.

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The Change of Weight in Living Tissue in varying concentration of solutions Planning Investigation I intend to find out if different concentrations of sucrose solution cause partially permeable membrane (a membrane that allows small molecules to pass through quickly but not large molecules), in this case a potato chip, to change the weight of the living tissue in varying concentrations of solutions. I plan to use six different concentrations of sucrose solution and for each concentration I will take four results altogether, because I am repeating my experiment a second time I will find the percentage change for each result and also a combined average weight change and the average percentage change for both experiments. My experiments will last 15 minutes each. Prediction I predict that the concentrations of the potato chip's living tissue will be equal or more or less the same around 0.5 molars and that the lower concentrations of sucrose solution will cause the chip to gain mass/weight and the higher concentrations will cause the chip to lose mass/weight because Osmosis involve the diffusion of water from a high to low concentration. My prediction is based on what I noticed in my pilot experiment, that water will move in or out of the cell unless the concentrations are the same (where there will be no movement) ...read more.


Start the timer and leave the potatoes for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes take out each potato chip and put them onto a piece of filter paper to dry. Once they have dried, weigh each of them, making sure you note which concentration each was in. Enter in your results in to the table. Find the weight for each concentration and then find the percentage increase/decrease for each and find the average for this too. And then repeat the experiment. Results Concentration Mass before (g) Mass after (g) % Weight Change Weight Change (g) 1st Repeat 1st Repeat 1st Repeat 1st Repeat Potato1 0.2 M 3.72 3.28 4.06 3.91 +8.4 +16.1 +0.34 +0.63 0.4 M 3.68 3.51 4.01 3.44 +9 +2.0 +0.33 -0.07 0.6 M 4.07 3.94 3.87 3.73 -5.5 -5.6 -0.2 -0.21 0.8 M 4.08 3.56 3.44 3.22 -15.7 -10.6 -0.64 -0.34 1.0 M 4.05 3.93 3.337 2.93 -20.2 -34.1 -0.68 -1 Potato 2 0.2 M 4.18 4.00 4.64 4.02 +13 +0.5 +0.46 +0.02 0.4 M 3.55 3.68 3.84 3.85 +7.6 +4.2 +0.29 +0.17 0.6 M 3.80 3.88 3.61 3.63 -5.3 -6.9 -0.19 -0.25 0.8 M 3.98 3.96 3.30 3.34 -19 18.6 -0.68 -0.62 1.0 M 3.64 4.03 3.85 3.85 -5.5 -9.8 +0.21 -0.36 Concentration Average weight before. Average weight after Average weight change Average % change 0.2 3.78 4.16 +0.36 +9.5 0.4 3.61 3.79 +0.18 +4.7 0.6 3.93 3.71 ...read more.


Evaluation In my opinion the experiment was very successful. I obtained a large quantity of results. From these results, I was able to draw up a useful graph. I think I manage to get enough results for the each concentration I was using. I also think that I gave the experiment ample time for Osmosis to occur. The process I found most difficult in this experiment, was cutting the potatoes accurately. It was very difficult to accurately cut the potatoes to the same length, due to human error. To get more accurate results I could have used a scale that went in to more decimal points. In my opinion, there were not many anomalies, only two in fact. Slight differences may have been the result of when I handle them after drying each potato, some more than others. This could have meant that some potato chips would have had more excess water than others, which resulted in an increased mass. However, I was please with my experiment and I though it was successful and I am very pleased with my results. Maybe if I were to repeat the investigation again I would probably try use a wider range of concentrations by going into two decimal places i.e. 2.5M, help to find a wider range and more varied results. Also I would try using a different plant tissue like vegetables. Amar Farmah Biology Coursework The Change OF Weight in Living Tissue in varying concentration of solutions. Page 1 of 7 ...read more.

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