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The effect of beta blockers on golfer's performance.

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BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA SPORT AND EXERCISE SCIENCE - quantative sport and exercise research The effect of beta blockers on golfer's performance Aims and objectives; to discover over a 2 meter putt whether or not a professional golfer's would improve if taking beta blockers before the putt was made Lit Review A beta blocker is a drug that is used to slow down the heart rate and therefore decrease the amount of pressure you would feel therefore making you feel more 'chilled out' The dictionary refers to a beta blocker as; "A drug that reduces the symptoms connected with hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, angina pectoris, migraine headaches, and other disorders related to the sympathetic nervous system. Beta-blockers also are sometimes given after heart attacks to stabilize the heartbeat" Beta blockers are used compete with the nerve stimulating hormone epinephrine that makes the body less stimulated and therefore calms you down People taking a beta-blocker must avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salty foods, because the interaction of those substances and the drug can raise the heart rate and blood pressure. ...read more.


The effect on his golf game, as well as other side effects that included bad dreams and depression, finally encouraged Price to stop taking beta blockers. He believes that Parry's call to test professional golfers for drug use would prove how 'clean' the sport is.This research is important because it will see if it will help a profesinal golfer to effectivly cheat in major competitions and maybe take chances away from the better golfers who deserve to win fairly. It will also help to find out first hand about the side effects of beta blockers and the dameage they could cause on the heart. There is already a lot of golfers and people higher up in golf who think that drug testing should be introduced to stop the us eof beta blockers in the sport and this reasearch could help put a definition on whether or not it is possible to cheat in golf and whether or not there should be drug testing. Method to carry out this reasearch I will be using 20 golfers the top ten amaters in the world and the top ten proffesionals in the world.both sets of golfers will be ...read more.


indoors so they will not be putt at any risk during the putting and they will all be looked after by proffesionals to ensure safety validity and reliability the research will be reliable because of the conditions that the people will be kept in will all be the same to they will not have that many factors effecting the putt itself. But things that will effect the reliabliity of the research is the fact that all the golfers will be playing at different levels the rest of the time they will all have different strengths and putting might or might not be one of them.some golfers will be better than ofthers e.g. tiger woods will be better than the tenth best amater in the world but since the putt is bieng tested against your own score the research will be valid expexted outcome the outcome that is expected is that the golfers will record a better score for their second putt because they will feel less pressure because of the drugs and they will feel more confident knowing that they should make a better putt due to the drugs they have taken during the research. ...read more.

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