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The Message

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The Message

        A sudden chill raised the hairs at his neck. It was time to be decisive …. The story begins.

                “22.35 hours! Juniors! Head out! Towards  Objective! We have to isolate Object Anonymous, code Infinitive!”

        I had instructed my troops to head out, to locate the object known to have arrived from space, crashing into U. S territory in Nevada Desert area. My fellow members and I were being sent to investigate the object and transport it to headquarters at the Pentagon.

        We were based there, but had collected classified equipment from a base in Nevada itself, Area 51. We were an elite force of the U. S. A, definition code Y2K. The State Department in Washington D. C. confirmed our orders to the president who in turn ordered us to set course for the unknown object. It was a highly advanced mission for Area 51 to cope with, although it was only a couple of miles distant from their base.

        We were now at a three mile radius from the object, burdened with a mass of the

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        I instructed the boys to come and collect the object; heavy equipment was not required and they were to report to headquarters that we had located the object and to specify its details. New orders were given to us to take the object to base Area 51 where we would meet with specialists from the Pentagon. A new, supplementary base would be constructed beside area 51, to assist us to investigate and test the object. It seemed a long expensive operation was ahead.

        The troops arrived and we transported it to the base, Area 51, where we were received by officials from the Pentagon and White House.

        They named the thing Sea Urchin because of its shape, I guess. Operation Sea Urchin was launched. We began tests, to help us discover its exact nature. Many years of testing and investigating were to follow before any tangible results. A mass of evidence and facts were collected; we finally diagnosed Sea Urchin’s nature.

        It wasn’t alive! It wasn’t some strange alien, but a highly advanced device for communication, originating in some outer galaxy still to be contacted and explored by mankind.

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        I am alone. My fellow troops are all dead. The aliens, the Kaa Sayons, have been attacking us for several days and have stolen all our data and technology. I don’t think I can last much longer. I am heavily wounded and awaiting death………Oh, my God! It’s them! The Kaa Sayons! They are very tall creatures with large blue eyes, the shape of demons. Their torsos are very muscular and they have strange-beak like protuberances jutting from the fronts of their saurian heads, shining crystalline combs upon them, and weird, reflective armour covering all of there giant humanoid figures. There are millions of them! All destroying everything eliminating humans from the face of the Earth! A few moments later! I see a blue flash and then………

        There was a huge bang. The Earth has been blown apart!

        Millennia pass. The cyclical nature of the time space continuum means we move forward but circle back to a time when the whole process begins once more, and the Earth is reconstituted, reborn, and time begins again.

Wriiten by Hayat during 2002

Hayat Munir

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Earth and Beyond section.

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