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This diet I have designed is to be used for a footballer.MondayBreakfast2 slices of toast with low fat margarine

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This diet I have designed is to be used for a footballer. Monday Breakfast 2 slices of toast with low fat margarine, a cup of tea or glass of fresh orange juice. Snack 1 banana and a glass of water. Lunch Grilled chicken with boiled rice and curry sauce, glass of water or orange juice. Snack 1 low fat Yoghurt, and a glass of water. Dinner Grilled fish with potatoes and boiled vegetables, glass of orange juice or water. Snack Rice pudding and a glass of semi skimmed milk. Tuesday Breakfast Scrabbled egg on toast, with a glass of water or orange juice. Snack 6-7 jaffa cakes, glass of milk. Lunch Turkey salad wrap, with a glass of water or orange juice. Snack 1 banana and a glass of semi skimmed milk. Dinner Spaghetti bolognaise, and a glass of water or orange juice. Snack Fruit cocktail, glass of semi skimmed milk. Wednesday Breakfast Crunchy nut corn flakes or shredded wheat using semi skimmed milk. Snack Tracker bar and a glass of water. Lunch Tuna and cucumber sandwich using wholemeal bread, 1 apple and a glass of water or orange. Snack 1 slice of toast with jam, glass of water or orange juice. Dinner Sweet and sour chicken and boiled rice, glass of water or orange juice. Snack Slice of fruitcake, glass of semi skimmed milk. Thursday Breakfast Bowl of Porridge and a glass of water or fresh orange juice. ...read more.


All plant-based foods will contain fibre. Good sources of fibre are fruit, vegetables, wholegrain rice and pasta, wholemeal bread, many breakfast cereals, nuts, seeds and bran. Particularly good sources of soluble fibre are fruit, vegetables, beans and oats. Fats Fates are good for three things protection of the body, insulation of the body and also give us a source of energy. Fats are broken down in the body into saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. There are two types of fats: Saturated fats- we find them in animal products such as milk, meat, cheese, cream and butter. They are also found in cakes, biscuits and chocolate. Saturated fats can raise our cholesterol levels. Unsaturated fats- we find unsaturated fats in fish and plant products as corn, nuts and soya beans. Protein Protein is used in our bodies to help growth and to repair muscles, they are also used to make blood. They are sometimes used for energy when our bodies run out of carbohydrates or fats. Proteins are essential in everybody's diet. They are complex substances found in many foods and are made up of thousands of small units called amino acids. Proteins can be used as energy but the body prefers to use carbohydrate and fat as the main energy sources. Meat and fish are excellent sources of protein. However, you can also get protein from cereals, dairy products, nuts, lentils, pulses and some vegetables. ...read more.


Football players also eat Jelly Babies and jafa cakes at half-time, they do this because its sugar and it's a kick start to get the body going again. Pure chocolate is also good too. I have also used pasta, vegetables, rice and cereals these are a different kind of carbohydrate known as complex carbohydrates. These are much better as they contain protein, minerals, vitamins and fibre. It will also give us a better source of energy as it burns up slower than simple carbohydrates. I have purposely used more of these complex carbohydrates in my diet because they are much better than simple carbohydrates. Our bodies require 10- 15% of protein within our diet. These are found in my diet in chicken, ham, beef, milk and tuna. I have suggested grilling most of the meats this is because it lowers the fat intake. If the player is injured or looking to build up his strength over a period of time he should increase the around of protein he is eating. Protein helps to build up and repair muscle tissue and is good to eat after a game to repair and mend the muscles. I have chosen such snacks as bananas and oranges this is because oranges have a good source of vitamin c and bananas are a good source of extra energy. To improve performance for a footballer I recommend that a player should consume 200-300 grams of potatoes, boiled for 20 minutes, exactly three hours before going on the pitch. This is because they contain glucides, which deliver a steady flow of muscular energy. They also contain useful vitamins. ...read more.

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