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To discover the effect of insulation by using a cavity wall

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Aim: To discover the effect of insulation by using a cavity wall Plan First we will set up the apparatus as shown in the following diagram. After that, we then will record the temperature of hot water in each beaker every thirty seconds for fifteen minutes. This will give us a better understanding of the readings & it will be easy to analyse. Prediction I predict that as the time flows, the temperature of both set of investigations will gradually decrease. But only one of the two, (most likely the cavity wall wrapped) will not decrease as much as the non-insulated one. This is because there will be a slower rate of cooling due to insulation, which would otherwise not be available. Insulation reduces heat loss and the rate of cooling. Diagram Safety I will also take a number of safety precautions whilst conducting the investigation. I will ensure the kettle is used safely through out the experiment, and hot water is transferred securely. ...read more.


Different amounts of water will largely affect the cooling rate making the experiment inaccurate. * The amount of material is covered around the beaker. Although the material might be different in thickness etc. it is important that they cover the required area. * I shall carry the two experiments at the same time. This allows me to save time and a fair result. Results in Celsius Every 30 seconds Insulated oC Non- Insulated oC 1 75 75 2 74 73 3 73 72 4 72 71 5 71 70 6 71 69 7 70 69 8 70 68 9 70 66 10 69 66 11 69 65 12 68 64 13 68 64 14 68 63 15 67 63 16 66 62 17 65 61 18 65 61 19 64 60 20 64 60 21 64 59 22 63 59 23 63 58 24 62 58 25 62 58 26 61 57 27 60 56 28 60 56 29 59 55 30 59 54 Evaluating results My results clearly showed how the two factors I predicted affected the materials efficiency. ...read more.


I also mentioned the reason for which it happened. The Insulation reduces the rate of heating and controls the cooling. Evaluation Evaluating the Investigation; The investigation was fair and the experiments I conducted achieved the required results. The experiments were accurate and produced correct answers with no anomalous results. If I conducted the experiment again I would use a wider variety of results & materials with a wider range of readings. I would want to do this because then I could investigate further into how the insulation of the material affects my results. I would use the same material or perhaps more materials but in different format for each test. I would also use the same material but in different textures e.g. woven pleated etc. This would enable a more accurate evaluation of results. The method I chose to use was successful and worked well within the investigation, it was stable and fair. I would not change the method if I repeated the investigation. Overall I think my investigation was successful as it achieved the required results fairly and accurately, answering the effects of the comparison with the insulated and non-insulted. ?? ?? ?? ?? Science Investigation Rav Kohli 10L ...read more.

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