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Volumetric analysis

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Volumetric analysis Volumetric analysis is the measurement (in volumes) of solutions by titration experiments. Thus via the titration method we are able to determine the concentration of a substance in a given solution. Volumetric analysis is very important as with medicines, it is very important to know the concentration of the medicine in order to make sure the required dosage is being used and to limit the chances of overdoes. Volumetric analysis also helps us determine factors such as the amount of carbon dioxide in soft drinks and the amount of alkali in a cleaning solution, or even the amount of acid in a bottle of vinegar. ...read more.


Rinse the pipette with a little of the base before accurately transferring 25.0cm� of it to a titration flask. 4. Place 2 to 3 drops of an appropriate indicator in the flask and titrate rapidly, until the end-point is reached 5. repeat experiment 2-3 times until you obtain precise results Precautions * Avoid parallax error when taking readings, by placing eyes perpendicular to the scale. * In order to get accurate results make sure to titrate slowly and immediately stop once there is a colour change. Shaking the beaker from time to time also helps. ...read more.


Number of moles in the average acid titre = 0.00625 =0.003125 5. Concentration of H2SO4 = = = 0.000246 6. A r of H2SO4 = 2(1)+32+4(16) =98 7. Concentration of H2SO4 =Concentration in mol dm�� A r = 0.00025 =0.0245g dm�� Equations Chemical equation: 2NaOH (aq) + H2SO4 (aq) �Na2SO4 (aq) +2H2O (l) Word equation: sodium hydroxide+ sulphuric acid � sodium sulphate + water Ionic equation:2Na+(aq)+2OH-(aq)+2H+ (aq)+SO4-(aq) � 2Na+(aq)+SO4-(aq)+2H2O(l) 2OH-(aq) +2H+ (aq) �2H2O(l) Limitations/Improvements There was not a very large time span in order to do more experiments, thus only a small amount of results were obtained. However, had there been more time, more data could have been obtained hence the results would have been more valid. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ismaila Page 1 ...read more.

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