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What effect does changing the concentration of a solution have on the mass of a potato chip

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What effect does changing the concentration of a solution have on the mass of a potato chip Theory Diffusion is the movement of particles from a high concentration to a low concentration. Osmosis is a special form of diffusion. It is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane. It moves from a high water concentration to a low one. A high water solution contains a large amount of water molecules and a small amount of other molecules. Hypertonic is when something in solution has a greater osmotic pressure than another solution. Isotonic means to have the same osmotic pressure as something. Turgid is the condition of a cell, tissue or plant when it is filled with water so that it's firm; not wilted. When plant cells are placed in concentrated sugar solutions they lose water by osmosis and they become flaccid. This is the exact opposite of turgid. The content of the potato cells shrinks and pulls away from the cell wall. These cells are said to be plasmolysed. Investigation What effect does changing the concentration of the solution a sample of potato is in, have on the mass of the sample. Prediction In a weak solution, water will move out of the sample by osmosis therefore it will lose mass. ...read more.


Method A range of glucose sugar solutions will be prepared with concentrations. This will be done by adding varying amounts of distilled water to varying amounts of glucose solution. Sections of potato will be cut using a scalpel and will be measured to thirty millimetres using a ruler. This part of the preparation must be done very accurately as a change in the surface area may allow more or less osmosis to occur. The mass of each chip will be measured as well so that more results can be obtained. Three chips will be placed in each test tube each time so that I can take an average for each tube. I will use ten millilitres of each concentration of sugar solution and once in the test tubes they each will be labelled. The potato pieces will then be placed in the different beakers and then left for fifty hours. Then the potato pieces will be removed, the surface solution removed using paper towels and then they will be re-weighed. This will hopefully accurate results from which I will be able to draw a more accurate conclusion. If there is an anomalous result, the experiment will be repeated. ...read more.


There is however, an anomaly. This value is very far away from the line of best fit and says that at a concentration of 1 mole, the potato chip gains weight. This result is void. Evaluation My method was good. My results were pretty reliable with the exception of an anomalous result. The results were reliable because they were very close to the line of best fit. It was expected that some of the results would be slightly out and it was expected that we could not collect and record the gas to an excellent degree of accuracy. The problem is that all the instruments were not to the highest standard. We could not effectively and efficiently collect 100% reliable results with basic school, equipment. This has affected the results but not very much. It would however be seen as an improvement if accurate cutters and more accurate digital scales would be used. It would also benefit the experiment if the potato chips were from a cloned potato. The potato would have to remove some tissue from the parent plant and transfer it into a culture tube, containing agar until it grows into stumps. This would take a long time to do and though it would result in accurate results, it is too time consuming and expensive to do. ...read more.

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