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What is heart disease

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What is heart disease Coronary heart disease (C.H.D.) is caused when the blood vessels to the heart get narrow. This causes the flow of blood to the heart to reduce. Causing chest pain, usually during exercise. "C.H.D. is the most common cause of death in the u.k it is a major cause of premature death. C.H.D. is more common in men than in women." This Quote was published on (www.nutrition.org.uk) (By the British Nutrition Foundation.) This is very worrying as too many people are dying from C.H.D. There are many risk factors surrounding C.H.D. they include: Being Having > Older A History Of C.H.D. > A smoker A high blood pressure > Very overweight High Saturated Fat intake > Inactive High cholesterol Level > Male Diabetes Some of these risk factors can be changed to reduce your chance of C.H.D. ...read more.


You can reduce your LDL cholesterol by making changes to your diet and lifestyle. HDL- Good cholesterol helps to carry cholesterol away from arteries and other body tissues to the liver where the cholesterol is broken down. "High Blood Cholesterol levels are a contributory factor in 46% of coronary heart disease deaths." (This was a quote in the Irish news by Nigel Hawkes, august 2004.) It confirms that we must start now to lower our cholesterol levels, the only way to do this is a healthy eating along with a healthy lifestyle. The only way to tell if you have high cholesterol is to have a blood test, but sometimes a person with high cholesterol is to have yellow nodules within their skin, which are collections of excess fat. They may also have a white mark on the surface of the eye. ...read more.


I think my auntie had this viewpoint maybe because she wasn't looking for information on C.H.D., there are many leaflets and books out there containing all the information on the risks of C.H.D. as I was researching this topic I found many books in bookshops and the library on heart disease however they were quiet expensive which might influence people when buying books. Unless you had a particular interest you would not choose this type of reading. In my opinion my friend has this viewpoint because someone in her family had C.H.D. so she would be well aware of everything about it. In my opinion C.H.D. is a well publicised disease but I think more effort should be put into educating on prevention rather than the cure, also should be in the media more rather than people having to go and research it, they will only do this once its to late. The main problem is motivating people to take responsibility for their own health and taking positive steps in preventing C.H.D. ...read more.

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