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What is the effect of salt solution on potato tissue when changing the molarity?

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WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF SALT SOLUTION ON POTATO TISSUE WHEN CHANGING THE MOLARITY? ROOP THAKER - FORM 11SM - GROUP 110 Contents Page Page 1 - Title Page Page 2 - Contents Page Page 3 - Introduction Page 3 - Apparatus Page 4 - Prediction Page 4 - Method Page 5 - Diagrams Page 6 - Results 1 Page 7 - Graph for Results 1 Page 8- Results 2 Page 9 - Graph for Results 2 Page 10 - Conclusion Page 10 - Evaluation Page 11 - Evaluation Introduction In this investigation, there are two main things that I am investigating. These are the change in length before and after, and the change in mass before and after. When calculating both results for the length and mass, I will then be able to find out the overall change. In this case, there is a concentration gradient, consisting of two different concentrations - the semi-permeable membrane being the potato cell membrane. ...read more.


The pressure and the surface are kept constant, because each potato is the same size and width. Here is the step-by-step guide to what was involved in my experiment: 1. Set up the apparatus and prepare to get potato samples. 2. Using the cork borer, make as many samples of potato that you want. 3. Make the solutions and prepare to add the potato samples to it. 4. Each solution is made up differently to test the potatoes to various molarities: * 20cm� salt (NaCL) solution and 0cm� water * 15cm� salt (NaCL) solution and 5cm� water * 10cm� salt (NaCL) solution and 10cm� water * 5cm� salt (NaCL) solution and 15cm� water * 0cm� salt (NaCL) solution and 20cm� water 5. Add the potatoes to the different solutions and put them in a beaker. 6. Label the test tubes and beaker. 7. Place the beaker in the water heater, which will keep the temperature constant. 8. After a certain amount of time, re-weigh and re-calculate the length of the potato and state the difference. 9. ...read more.


This is because the concentration is higher in the potato than in the distilled water, so by osmosis, the water molecules went from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. This occurred to balance out the concentration. Evaluation In this experiment, there were various different things that I could have done to change and improve the outcome of the results. The accuracy and how detailed and accurate the results are, are a major part of the experiment that can change the results. Not all of my results may be reliable. If I had made a slight mistake, it would have changes all of my results. And if I had more time to do the experiment, I could have got more results. This variety in results would have made my conclusion more precise. If I had left the potatoes in the salt solution for longer, then there would have been a large change. As I had only left the potatoes in the solution for about 2 hours, the reaction that took place would not have been as large, compared to if the potatoes were reacting for a longer period of time. 7 ...read more.

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