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Why is water such a good habitat?

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Why is water such a good habitat? Water is essential to life. All life on earth started in water, and chances are that it will also end there. Even though it sounds crazy, the human body is made up of nearly 70% water. In some plants and fish, this percentage can reach more than 90. There are many reasons why water is so important to all living organisms. Metabolic role of water - Hydrolysis: Hydrolysis is the reaction of a compound with water, usually resulting in the formation of one or more new compounds. Hydrolysis is an important reaction in plants and animals. The action of certain enzymes allows the hydrolysis of proteins, fats, oils, and carbohydrates. ...read more.


Removal of wastes: Water is used to carry both ammonia and urea, which are waste products from the body's metabolism. Secretions: Water is also used to secrete substances in the body. For example in tears, which mostly consist of water, where snake venoms have toxins which are in the suspension of water. Water as a lubricant - Since water is so soft, it is also commonly used in the body as a lubricant. Mucus: Mucus is used in the body to aid movement. It is for example used in the inner gut wall, to make the "flow" easier. Synovial fluid: Synovial fluid is used to lubricate vertebrate joints. Pleural fluid: Pleural fluid is used to lubricate the lungs when breathing. ...read more.


Humours of the eye: Water is used to maintain the round shape of the eyes in vertebrates. Amniotic fluid: Amniotic fluid is used to support and protect the fetus of mammals during its development. Erection of the penis: Erection of the male penis takes place as blood, a substance that mainly consists of water, 'fills' the organ. Medium in which to live: Since water provides such good support, and it is easy to move in, it is used as a habitat by large organisms which would not be able to live above the see, for example the whale. Other functions of water: Temperature control: Evaporation of water is extremely important as it is used to cool down the body, for example when sweating. Hearing and balance: Water also plays a big role in the endolymph and perilymph which helps us keeping our balance and hearing. ...read more.

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