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Write a story that is set in a desert“The struggle”

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2nd November 2000 Emma Bushby Write a story that is set in a desert "The struggle" The blistering heat reached out and hit me, with such a blow I flinched back suddenly towards the helicopter. The incalescence rapped around me like a storm of fire. This feeling was a complete contrast to the fresh and tranquil atmosphere inside the helicopter. The helicopter felt like Greenland's icy mountains compared to this desolated desert. "See you at the check point", shouted my coach over the loud noise of the screaming propellers. I waved at him feeling great longing in my heart that wished I were in that helicopter with him. I was alone. All I had was my clothes I was wearing and ten large water bottles strapped firmly to my concerned waist. This was going to be an adventure, I told myself, as I started to run. The next check point was 50 miles away, there I could sleep and re-energise myself, until the next day where I would set off again for another growling 50miles. ...read more.


This was starting to get harder now. I was drinking rapid amounts of water for the heat was dehydrating me each 10 minutes, the scorching sand was flicked up aganist my legs as I ran and the bright sun light dazzled me as my wiry eyes became fatigued. I looked out to the vast and unexplored land that lay before me, tumbleweed rolled past me, in the same fashion as the old western films. I laughed to myself thinking that I may come across John Wayne. Coming out of my daydream I suddenly discovered the my body was covered in a thick layer of greasy sweat, I was expecting this but not to this degree, anxious about the amount of water I was loosing in the eternal heat, I hastily reached for the tepid water. It had two tastes, one was freshness and revitalising, but the other was the feeling of boiling acid going down my throat. Either way I had to drink or I would be like the numerous ancient skeletal remains lying in the isolated sand, that I had run past many times during the start of the run. ...read more.


Again the water bottles were attached to my waist, but this time it felt like ten bricks weighing me down and the water inside had a sensation that felt like liquid mercury oozing inside the bottles. The empty desert in front of me also looked different from the day before. The endless and enchanted land now gave the impression of being like a wide ocean floor. The cacti looked like the swaying seaweed and the mounds of skeletons conveyed a picture of prehistoric fossils, which lie undisturbed beneath the seabed. I could see the finish line. My skin felt parched and my lips were chapped for the immense sunlight. My legs had a mind of their own and I could feel the thumping of my heart up against my ribs, as though trying to free its self from my haggard body. With every step I came near to the finish line, as I crossed it my family, including my son stepped out and hurried towards me. There in front of me was why I had put myself through this stressful and ravage experience, the feeling that I had some how saved a life. ...read more.

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