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“The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton and a short story “The Stolen Bacillus” by H. G. Wells

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This is an essay that compares two stories. The novel "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton and a short story "The Stolen Bacillus" by H. G. Wells "The Outsiders" was written by S. E. Hinton while she was only 17. She was influenced by her friends to write this book after her boyfriend was badly beaten up by a gang. This book is set in the 1960s America outside Oklahoma. This book explores the situations of two rival gangs, the lives of the characters in the book and the circumstances surrounding their lives. This is written in the 1st person narrative story, which means the character is telling the story. This was written so that teenagers of any age or culture or religion could relate to it. Pony boy allows you to see his feelings and emotions so that you get involved with the story and understanding it's meaning. The short story "The Stolen Bacillus" tries to explore the idea of anarchy and the pointlessness in stealing the "cholera" Bacillus, which is nothing harmful. ...read more.


The vocabulary and speech used within both stories are different and gives an image of the era they were written in. The characters in "The Outsiders" use American dialect and accent with their own vocabulary mostly slang and coarse language. Within "The Outsiders" it is made to look as if it is through a teenagers eyes. E.g. "pop bottle", "heater", "fuzz" these words would not be used often today. "The Stolen Bacillus" is based on the period in time of which it is written The Victorian Age. The language and vocabulary used is very formal E.g. "yes dear... nothing dear" because the book was aimed at a higher social class. In both books the language shows and gives a clear image display of what the times were like in those days. You are able to picture what it was like from the descriptions used. "The Stolen Bacillus" describes very well the sense of dress and "The Outsiders" describes very well the sense of teenage transport. ...read more.


Cherry uses forceful language "that might cool you off greaser". In these two books there is a chase. The chase in "The Stolen Bacillus" was between the anarchist and the bacteriologist who in turn was being chased by his wife. The bacteriologist was trying to get the anarchist because he was under the impression that he was carrying a biological weapon to destroy the government. His wife Minnie was chasing her husband because she did not want to embarrass herself and her family by the way her husband was dressed. The chase in "The Outsiders" was between Dallis and the police. This chase was pointless and finished in a futile ending. Both chases are related in that there endings both resulted in death. In conclusion I think that both authors portrayed a sense of hopelessness although in a very different way. "The Outsiders" is about gang life and the hardships they face and create themselves. "The Stolen Bacillus" is how a minority group can try and cause a downfall in society. In both books the misfits (the Greasers and the anarchist) are rebelling against the society they live in. By Terry Curtis 10s2 ...read more.

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