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A Life In The Day Of Rebecca Ogunleye

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A Life In The Day Of Rebecca Ogunleye Rebecca Oluwabunmi Ogunleye was born on 3rd of November 1987. From ten children of her father's she was the fourth and first of the two from her mothers. She lived in Nigeria with her father and three other wives, until six years ago, when she migrated to Great Britain to live with her mother. I have to say, I hate the beginning of the week. It's not the fact that I have to wake up at 8 am to go to church at 10 am but the point that it's a weekend and I feel I shouldn't have to go anywhere if I don't wish to (when I say anywhere I mean church). In this case it's against my will to go to church. I am not an atheist or anything, I do believe in God but I just don't see it as a duty to attend church every Sunday because it says clearly in the bible "pray and it will be answered". It doesn't say church or any specific place. ...read more.


To get you out of your misery the answer is no. However I don't have a specific career in mind, but if I want to choose a profession the Police can be another option since I'm only studying AS Accounts, Business, French and English Language GCSE. The Voluntary Police Cadet (VPC) is a youth club for the age between 14 and 19 where youths come together and learn about police duties. Other than studying the law, we go on trips such as rock climbing, abseiling, etc. For my two years of loyal service I'm rewarded with a week in South Africa to represent the Metropolitan Police, free of charge. Back in Nigeria, there was no youth club for those who do not attend private school, for the less lucky students had to return from school try to did the homework set and find how to occupy the rest of their day. Over the years my luck had changed. I once had few chances but now I have the opportunity. By 7 am I'm at the bus stop waiting for the bus. ...read more.


I pronounce every Friday, the day of celebration, for this day the weekend commences. I finish college at 12 pm, which makes my weekend arrival at home no longer than an hour. I kick back and relax, doing absolutely nothing. There isn't much to say about Saturday since there is nothing for me to do, no chores no homework freedom is at my reach on this day. My day mainly consists of waking up then turning to the television for some amusement for at least two hours before pressured to the bathroom by mother. After a bubble bath I return to my bed until round two till it's time for me to set out to different destinations of African parties. Since I'm able to breathe and do other things by myself that is something for me to be thankful for. I was not complaining about my well being in Nigeria but comparing how my opportunity (or should I say luck) had widened over the years, I feel I have not lived enough yet to experience all the possibilities for me. GCSE ENGLISH AUTOBIOGRAPHY COURSEWORK 2 PAGE1 BY REBECCA OGUNLEYE H1 ...read more.

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