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Analyze the various motives for “New Imperialism” and their relative importance.

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Andrew Greiner 2/25/02 Per. 6 Ch. 26 Essay Response Prompt: Analyze the various motives for "New Imperialism" and their relative importance. The cause of the late-nineteenth-century rush for territory and possessions by European countries can be attributed to many factors. These factors were primarily economical, but they were also sometimes attributed to social tensions and political affairs. Thus, "New Imperialism" can be attributed to various economical, social, and political motives. ...read more.


Although the economies of the new colonies did not become increasingly profitable until 1914, these economical motives were still the primary motive driving "New Imperialism". Numerous political officials in the 19th century took advantage of the increasing imperialism. Conservatives of Germany, Russia, and several other countries manipulated colonial issues in order to divert popular attention from the class struggles of the home country and create a false sense of unity. ...read more.


White Europeans considered themselves the superior race of the world, and believed it was their duty or burden to "civilize" the rest of the world. Colonization also showed how superior a country was. The stronger a country was, the more countries it could conquer. Therefore, countries believed they had to seize colonies in order to show that they were strong. To sum up, there were various motives that contributed to the increase of "New Imperialism". Primarily these were economic motives, but political and social motives also contributed to the great era of expansion. ...read more.

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