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Bullying in Britain Today

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Bullying in Britain Today Since the time of the Neanderthals, aggressive and violent behaviour has been a human trait. In the past, this has channelled into wars, for example, the English Civil war, caused partly by demanding money from people in the form of taxes, and burning peoples property, which is similar to playground bullying. It is possible to class tyrants as a form of bullying, causing unhappiness like bullies, just on a larger scale. Saddam Hussain is an example of forcing people to suffer and live in fear. In the past twenty years, the number of bullying incidents has increased. Research shows that up to 75% of people are bullied at some time in their life, showing something must be done. ...read more.


The case histories in the BBC's '40 minutes' documentary included Sayyed, Simon, Sarah and Steven. Sayyed experienced racial bullying, due to his Asian background. He was attacked just outside his school gates, yet the school refused to take responsibility for the bullying, so Sayyed's mother contacted the police, who just laughed. If the authorities refuse to take bullying seriously, there is no way bullies will stop. Another consequence of bullying can be a change of lifestyle for the whole family. This happened to Simon, his family had to move house to escape the emotional harm it was doing to him and his family. As well as the video case histories a series of newspaper articles from broadsheet and tabloid offer statistical and personal evidence. ...read more.


There are many different solutions, including; teachers' intervention, parental support, government policies and funding and discussion between the bully and victim with parents or teachers present. In this country we have a conspiracy of silence about bullying; the government have no national policy, and there is no funding for the prevention of bullying in schools. Sometimes the most effective solution is for the victim to simply defend themself, or to tell a teacher, to enforce a suitable punishment. Another possible solution could be a bully trial, a system whereby students and teachers form a court like a court of law. In conclusion I think it is important to consider that it is possible for bullies to be under a great deal of pressure at home or school, and perhaps they should be the ones to receive help, and change their ways, rather than the victims. ...read more.

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