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Caryl churchill's "Top girls"

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There has been many changes in women's role as time has passed by. Only a few decades ago, women's role in society was not that important as it is now. In these days, there are many women who play important role in society and it has been increasing since modern civilization has been formed. Many of literary works express the social aspect. Many plays are like a mirror of society because playwrights consider the ambience of society and put their thoughts and values into the plays. Many of male playwrights have mostly dominated the last century and the star role-played by males. However from the end of the 60's, women started to slowly do their own playwrights and perform their own plays. Their goal was to bring women and their experiences out of the domestic sphere and into the social one. Caryl churchill is one of the playwrights who was trying to write about women's value through the play. ...read more.


Caryl churchill used double role in this play, so characters were easily compared. Matched characters have some simularities. Also, "Top girls" satirize the women's aspect at that time. In the play a naive young girl enters a jobs agency, where she expects to be given the job that she desinges for herself. " I'd like a job where I was here in London and with him and everything but now and then-I expect it's silly. Are there jobs like that?" (Churchill)1614 Jeanne believes that she can have the job she wants on the money she wants, regardless of her lack of qualificatioins and rightness for the job. Marlene and her staff advise employees to mute their feminine roles to be one of Top girls. Churchill is trying to say that muting feminine roles is neccessary to get on top. Henrik Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler" was written in 1890. Since it is written in different time period, women's role in the play is different from "Top girls". ...read more.


She does not want her fate controlled by a child, because the child will seal the union between her and Tesman permanently. She then transfers her behavior to her environment, inwards, towards herself, making her last act of control her own life. Ibsen shows the women's aspects at that time and Hedda is not the type of character who just bare a child and depends on husband. She wants to controll her own life, but it does not work out good so destroyes everything, even herself. Two plays were written in different time but both playwrights described different type of women characters and showed how they think, how they act to get what they want, and what they need. "Top girls" and "Hedda Gabler " both shows that complex human characters and this makes the story more real. When it feels more real to people, while they are reading these plays, they tend to think about women's roles in the society, women's thoguhts, and women's status. These kinds of literary works have a strong power, they can change people's point of view, thoughts and furthermore, even the world. ...read more.

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