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Compare and contrast Sheridan's the rivals with the Georgian period.

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Compare and contrast Sheridan's the rivals with the Georgian period The Rivals was a book written in the Georgian period. The time when industrial revolution took place, new inventions in the weaving trade and the mining industry was introduced. The first iron bridge was built and child labour was common. What also existed was one of Britain's darkest moments in history, using black people for slave labour. However, slavery was one of the key factors that kept Britain wealthy. During the Georgina age the chief sources of cultural stimulation were books, newspapers and theatre. Music was a main form of entertainment so therefore children were expected to learn how to play a musical instrument. ...read more.


In the Rivals there was no people playing cards. For girls the reading of books was forbidden I see this as trying to pursue intelligence, which was not allowed to happen. The playing of instruments did not exist either. The girls were the property of their fathers and all children who lived in an upper class society were expected to obey their parents with matters of marriage and careers. This idea also existed in the Rivals. However, girls were never really given the opportunity to disobey their fathers, the two main female characters do have fathers. Lydia is looked after by her aunt who is a sort of father figure and Julia's father is presumed dead (the audience does not definitely know but is under the illusion due to conversations). ...read more.


There would have been rat infestations that would carry diseases. There would be poverty stricken areas; ten people would live in one house. People would try and make money by stealing and the only other form of work was at a workhouse. I think that when Sheridan wrote this play he wanted to escape from reality of the diseases and poverty. He fails to mention the workhouse and hard labour. Children could be hanged for stealing a hanky. There is little or no hint to this in the Rivals. Other than Fag and Thomas he neglects the lower class people and they are not really classed as poor. In the play he talks mainly about love, arranged marriage, money and inheritance. He does not wish to blacken the reputation of king George. It deal with the closed world. ...read more.

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