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Dear Brad,

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Louise Coles Dear Brad, First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting the part of Professor Henry Higgins from the book Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw.shaw had the idea to write about a Greek king named Pygmalion. The story is a myth of how Pygmalion sculptured a beautiful statue, which he named galatea. Galatea was a woman with great beauty and this made Pygmalion love her enough for her to come alive. Shaw used this idea about giving love your creation, althoughhe did play with the audiences expectations in the origanal. I'm very pleased to confirm that your co-stars will be Reece Witherspoon and Steve Martin. Reece will play the part of the flower girl (Eliza), and Steve will play Mr Doolittle (Eliza's father). This will be a huge success not only because it will be the best production since Moulin Rouge (the stage) but also because we have picked the best actors to play the parts, and I assure you that it will be an enjoyable piece of work for you. This play is about transforming a common flower girl into a well-mannered lady. However the story runs much deeper than that as it is really about the class system around1914. As you know America has never had the class system so it maybe harder for you to understand, so I will go into more depth with that later. ...read more.


Take Eliza's father he was in the lower class until an American Professor took him from the background he knew, and introduced him into the middle class. This then made this man into a gentleman with a lot of money and a false personality. Language was as important then as it is now. Anyone using slang is thought to be disgusting. An example of this is in the play when Higgins shows off his new toy, Eliza, to his mother at her tea party. Eliza uses some slang when talking about a relative who had died when she said "they all thought he got dun over". The lack of understanding on Mrs Higgins's face, but the other ladies who attended the tea party was quite obvious. This play is cleverly written because in depth it is describing the rights women can have and how a dirty flower girl can be transformed into a beautiful well-spoken young lady. You have to make the audience get into your character as well. This is very important. Professor Higgins is an anthropologist and is therefore interested in the behaviour of humans. He is very well spoken and well dressed he is an upper middle class man which has been well educated but needing to earn a living. He has a male friend called Pickering who he confides in. ...read more.


You are an excellent character to take the part of Professor Henry Higgins just keep in mind that he doesn't want to get involved with Eliza as he thinks women upset and ruin everything. Remember, he has had a bet with Pickering that he can remodel Eliza into an upper class lady. He is a very arrogant character but eventually Eliza gets under his skin and it becomes more than just a bet. He would like to see the improved flower girl accompanying him at other high society occasions. As a director I am using the 1938 film version of Pygmalion as opposed to Shaw's book version as it provides a far more romantic ending for our audience. Higgins thinks he has lost Eliza to Freddie. He sits alone, going over the tapes of Eliza learning to speak properly. He is thinking of what he has lost and how wonderful she was, when Eliza comes into the room and they both realise the attraction between them. Contented, but in his usual arrogant way says "where are my slippers ?" This version gives the audience the satisfactory conclusion they are looking for as they will have seen many other plays were romatic couples argueing rather than realising they love each other. It also fits in with the idea of the relationship in the myth of pygmailion. Thank you for taking the part and I assure that you will enjoy it as I have already said if any more questions please get in touch. You sincerely Louise Coles ...read more.

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