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Diary of an Islamic Child.

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Monday 1st September. My name is Karina I am 14 years old. Today was my first ever day at my new school. I am a Muslim and in Britain there aren't many schools for us to go to, so I have to go to a catholic school. In my past schools the other children didn't think of me as different but that's because we were young and children are children, but this time it was different. As I walked into school, I saw a group of girls laugh and point at me. I felt upset but I knew I was going to get this wherever I went! My Uniform was slightly different to the other students. ...read more.


I was relieved that someone had actually talked to me! Maybe it would get better for me! Tuesday 2nd September. Schools been very difficult for me today! The other students totally don't understand my religion, some of them think its funny but the majority think I am weird and don't belong there. Jenny's being really understanding though, one of her friends is a Muslim so she's very interested in my religion. Food is another big problem for me we aren't allowed to eat pork and bacon, we have to eat a special kind of meat called Halal meat. So I have to bring my own specially prepared meal into school. It will be extra hard when I have to do Ramadan, this is were we have to fast this means no food or drink. ...read more.


I just wanted them to give me a chance because I'm no different on the inside to the rest of them! Wednesday 3rd September. Today was a lot better. I actually have begun to fit in with the rest of the class now! Mrs Shaw decided to do an assembly for the whole school about Muslims and our religion. Everyone seemed really interested and wanted to know more. I've even been asked to help out in R.E lessons and do some talks about what its like for people like me. I know that there will always be people who will find it hard to except me for what I am but that's prejudice and is goes on all over the world. I'm just glad that I have a chance to make new friends and fit in like everyone else and share my religion to other people! ...read more.

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