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Discuss the way black people are treated by white people in the short story ‘Crackling Day’ by Peter Abrahams.

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Discuss the way black people are treated by white people in the short story 'Crackling Day' by Peter Abrahams. Just a few years ago black people were segregated from modern day society- whites. They were treated unfairly and harshly. They were treated like mud on the sole of someones shoe. This happened in all p[arts of the world. Blacks were physically and mentally separated by the whites. They would have their own toilets, buses, seats etc all because of their skin colour. South Africa was no exception to this as the story 'Crackling Day' shows. It is the story of a black family in Elsburg, South Africa. ...read more.


It then goes on to say how they went on to collect some cow dung immediately showing you that your lifestyle is completely different to yours. As soon as the story starts you can see that the story is going to be a grim tale. Then the boys aunt, before he sets off on his trek, gives him the money. From her urgency for him not to lose it you can see that the family's struggled to support themselves and that they had a lack of money. You can also infer that the family work very hard to get the little money that they earn and so every single penny is sacred and special to them. ...read more.


But unfortunately this is not just how our life style differs from theirs. For example the black people have to greet the white people with the term 'baas' and when this does not happen there is big trouble. For example in the story when Lee finally arrives at the farm where he is yo collect the pig rind he is unaware that he has to call the man baas. What ensues is the white man staring in utter disbelief at the black boys ignorance. Then as the boy leaves with his crackling the white man stares at him, scaring him so badly that he tries not to look at him while ...read more.

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