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Do the Sources and the Site Itself ProveThat the Canal Brought Benefits To the People of Coventry.

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DO THE SOURCES AND THE SITE ITSELF PROVE THAT THE CANAL BROUGHT BENEFITS TO THE PEOPLE OF COVENTRY GURDEEP SIAN The Coventry canal brought many benefits to the people of Coventry. One way in which it was beneficial, was because it employed people. It gave people jobs, which was especially beneficial to the working class people. Another reason is the canal was so popular; and because of this people like the keeper of the greyhound inn would have made a lot of profit. Shareholders and canal companies benefited due to the tollhouse. The tollhouse was there for the money that was collected for the people passing through the canal. The tollhouse was one of the reasons why the canal stayed profitable over the years. Even if the profit being made was falling; it still continued to make a profit. ...read more.


Many goods were sent by canal such as wool, tin, copper. Other goods, which were sent by canal, were stone, paving (for road making), bricks and timber. The canals easily persuaded many manufacturers to send their goods this way. This benefited manufacturers and those involved in trade. The canal was also non-beneficial to those people of Coventry. The tollhouse was beneficial to the canal and shareholders, but not to the barges passing by. If the barges were to pass by a toll had to be paid towards the canal. This was non-beneficial to those involved in trade. Another reason that shows how the canal was non-beneficial to the people of Coventry is in source F. Source shows how the coal ran out, meaning some people could not get hold of it. Source F quotes ''since the building of the canal, there has been less and less coal.'' Source G shows how the price of cheese went up causing riots. ...read more.


The shares would have always benefited, as the canal never stopped making a profit. I have gathered opinions and examples from both sides of the argument and I have come to a conclusion. In my opinion the Coventry canal was very beneficial to the people of Coventry. Sources F and G show how the canal was non beneficial to the people of Coventry. However there are a few problems wit the typicality of these sources as the problems in these sources were not shared by everyone. On balance the Coventry canal was more beneficial to the people of Coventry. The price of coal was reduced as shown in source C. The Coventry canal also provided more jobs which was beneficial to the working class. The canal had a central position which was part of Brindley's design, and because of this it stayed profitable which was beneficial to the working class. Factory owners and business owners benefited as the canal was a much cheaper way to send goods, and it beat easily beat the road charges. ...read more.

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