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Examine the claim made by some feminist sociologists that marriage and family life can be disadvantageous to women.

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Examine the claim made by some feminist sociologists that marriage and family life can be disadvantageous to women. Before beginning this essay we have to remember that feminists believe that patriarchy is dominant in today's society, therefore any part of the social structure involving men is likely to be criticised. Marxist Feminists are extremely sceptical about the view that the nuclear family meets the needs of society. They suggest that it supports the powerful and so exploits the working class, and more importantly only benefits men. Benston believes that the nuclear family supports Capitalism because it rears the future workforce at little cost to the Capitalist state. She also believes that women's domestic labour and sexual services help to maintain the present workforces' physical and emotional fitness. Feminist have challenged some widely held views about the inevitability of male dominance in families and have questioned the view that family life is becoming more etaglitarian. Feminist have also highlighted the economic contribution made to society by women's domestic labour in the family. Above all, feminist theory has encouraged sociologists to see the family as an institution involving power relationships. ...read more.


She receives discriminatory attitudes between herself and her brother having watched her parents socialize them into differing roles. * Do women really need marriage? Marriage is social contract that legalizes the husband and family to keep women as slaves. For most present generation, women married life means depression, mental torture, self immolation, bride burning for want of more dowry, * Is social independence of women, as of men, not the solution to human rights? Many generations of women have been treated as property. Women were never treated as self-individuals in any civilization. Their independence was discouraged in almost all the civilizations and religions. Without women there would have no civilization, no religion, no societies and no men. Woman is earth, gives birth and nourishes till the boy becomes man. In this universe after helping woman (earth) to seeding, man's role is finished woman performs rest of the role till the child is grown to be independent irrespective of boy or girl. For a woman, boys and girls are her children. A woman's role is more important than that of men in the universe." ...read more.


Most European countries have both of these. Sociologist Adrian Wilson gives a few examples of other societies and historical periods where the state has directly attempted to alter family life: * In the USSR the post-revolutionary communist government of the 1920s took measures intended to weaken and ultimately destroy the family. Divorce and abortion were made much easier to obtain. * In China, couples had to apply for permission to have more than one child, and there were penalties fore those who did not make their contribution to solving the problem of over population. In Britain though, the family has usually been regarded as an area where it is inappropriate for the state to interfere much, since, as Allan puts it, "the state is concerned with regulation, control and coercion; the family is thought of as an area for love, intimacy and personal fulfillment." In short, the family belongs to the private sphere, and should therefore, for the most part, be left alone. However, since the 1980s, British politicians of the major parties have increasingly seen fit to make tentative forays into commenting on and sometimes intervening in family life. Governments are doing this through taxation and introducing new social security systems and ...read more.

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