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Feminism as a theme in 'The Bell Jar' of Sylvia Plath.

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Feminism as a theme in 'The Bell Jar' of Sylvia Plath The primary theme of The Bell Jar is a feminist one, but it is closely related to the theme of madness and sanity. The tyrannical norm of The Bell Jar is represented by Mrs Willard, who preaches the idea that a woman's place in society is to serve to a man. The norms make Esther crazy because she does not fit into them. ...read more.


In The Bell Jar Esther thinks that Buddy should alsohave been a virgin since he acts innocent as if he was, and she got very angry when she found out he was not. When Esther is in the private hospital she does not fit in with the other women there either. The other women,have already been pushed into the roles as housewives, which for many were dysfuncional. The women do no 'fit' into these roles, where they are at home, alone, and do not og out much, and they live only to serve their husbands. ...read more.


Esther's mom is a picture of the weight society places on women. She has a very difficult life, with little money and two children for whom she wants the best opportunities. Women being placed in a constricted role in society live as if in a bell jar, able to see the outside world of exciting work and self-determined men, but unable to live in it. This is the situation Esther is in. It sums up a lot of women's situation in the fifties and even today in many societies, and that is what makes the novel universal. ...read more.

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