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Fiction Paper - "Misery".

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Dr. James Fiction Paper April 21, 2003 "Misery" Have you ever lost someone you loved? Just think about how it makes you feel. I know that when my best friend died I was so miserable but I did not want to be by myself. I wanted to be around my family and my friends. I can remember talking with my friends and reminiscing about my friend. I felt so much better just talking about the situation. In Chekhov's story "Misery" the main character Iona had a great loss in his life. His son had died, and he did not have anyone to talk to. Iona than turned to his community looking for sympathy, but that is not what he found. Everyone he tried speaking to would just disrespect him. They would cut him off; they only seemed to be concerned with themselves. Which is sad because your community is so post to be your backbone. However, in Iona's community he has no one to support or comfort him. At the end of the story Iona is so desperate to talk to someone that he tells his horse about his son's death. It is disappointing to see how our society reacts towards each other. Considering, we have all lost a loved one and we know how it feels. ...read more.


Talk about the death in a complete conversation, not just blurting out that his son had died. As Iona was drowning himself in his sorrows he got another chance to speak of his son's death. He took three men on a sledge ride. One of the men was a hunchback. I think that Iona had considered the fact that the hunchback was a loner because he got the shaft and had to stand on the sledge ride. Therefore, Iona once again blurted out that his son was dead. "This week...er...my...er...son died!" (242). Hoping that the hunchback would have some sympathy towards him. Maybe Iona thought that because growing up, as a hunchback could be lonely he figured that the hunchback would see his loss and sorrow. However, the hunchback did not. He responded with "we shall all die...Come, drive on! Drive on!" (242). No that he had dropped the men off the sorrow began to set in again. "If Iona's heart were to burst and his misery to flow out, it would flood the whole world, it seems, but yet is not seen. He has found a hiding-place in such an insignificant shell that one would not have found it with a candle by daylight..."(243). What Chekhov is saying is that Iona has built up so much sadness in his heart and he has to hide it because he has no one to talk to. ...read more.


Since no one wanted to hear what Iona had to say, this resulted in him talking to his horse about the death of his son. This is sad because he ends up pouring his heart out to this horse. Iona does seem happy telling the horse about the death but it usually feels better if you have some who can understand you and give you advice. He seemed to express himself more clearly to the horse than he did the officer and the three other men. I think he found it easier to talk to the horse because the horse was like his other companion now that his son was gone. Another reason why he may have been so at ease telling the horse is because he really just wanted someone to listen to him and the horse did just that. In conclusion, "Misery" was basically about a lonely man looking for someone to open up to about his tragic loss. However, it is sad to see how humans treat one another at a time in need. Sadly enough, Iona had waited a week and still could not find anyone to listen to him. Image having your child or even parent die and not having anyone to comfort you for a week. Unfortunately, Iona's community was not there to support him but at least his horse was. Talking to the horse made him feel better anyways. Weaver 1 ...read more.

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