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Gender(ed) Studies: Why doesn't Barbie have an IT Degree?

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Gender(ed) Studies: Why doesn't Barbie have an IT degree? Introduction The article in question calls our attention to the �lack of participation and further progression in tertiary education of women in IT...�. And the intention of the same article is to find the reasons that make young women not choose information technology for their further education. If we wanted to summarize the article, we could say that is a sociological piece of study about gender and standard choices. A paper where is identified a crisis related to women choosing IT to their further education programmes. Still we could add the plan from the author to diminish the problem by introducing a mentoring agenda which was actually preformed by Monash University in Australia. This article, however talking about differences of options between men and women is not solely about gender inequalities. Firstly we could look at what is institutionalized, in other words, what we believe to be the so called �institutionalized thinking�- the stereotypes considered to be areas more suitable for women and men. ...read more.


This happens because �boys are more likely than girls to choose to play with computers�, nevertheless boys and girls are both expert using computers. What really calls my attention in this article is the 'option', in other words, the fact that women do not actually choose IT. Is their option to choose or not other areas! It is all about choices. In this case, choices made by a standard way of thinking, that can definitively conduct (unconscientiously) peoples minds. Being so is not hard to see how choices are made when they grow up. The way that female children and students are mentored can be the main reason for this condition and can represent the solution as well. And this is what is suggested in the article - a mentoring programme - the same that was useful in Monash University. To look at this situation we have first and foremost attend to the culture in question. Obviously more westernized is a culture, less this phenomena tends to happen, however even in the most developed societies the discrepancy of figures related to the number of women choosing IT for higher education seems to be very high. ...read more.


Mixture is a natural process, it can not be forced. Conclusion In my opinion the authors intention in this article was achieved in the sense that we could identify why women are less present in Information Technology field. It was successful as well because after identify the problem he advocates a programme with all the capacities to be triumphant in a short run. I would recommend this article to radical feminists that think the world in some way is against women, to show them that sometimes the fact of existing inequalities are not solely related to gender ostracism or discrimination. Sometimes we need to be more flexible and put a hand in our minds and see that maybe the problem is in ourselves. Barbie does not have an IT degree, because she does not want to... it is a question of orientation! Introduction to Social Enquiry Article Review Gender(ed) Studies: Why doesn't Barbie have an IT Degree? Manchester Metropolitan University Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Tutor: Dave Hodgkinson Cl�udia Xafr�do dos Reis BA(Hons) Humanities &Social Sciences Year 1 ...read more.

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