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How have the Vietnamese people been assimilated?

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Assimilation 1. (a) How have the Vietnamese people been assimilated? The Vietnamese people have been assimilated into the Australian society. They have been absorbed and adopted to the Australian Culture, by learning and socialising from others. Especially the new generations which have grown up in Australia. (b) List the ways of how this was achieved * Socialising in cultural pattern to of the host country. * Intermarriage between the immigrant group and the core society. * Denying native country. * The change of the immigrant's cultural pattern to that of the host society. Involving the change in ethnic values, customs and cultural forms. Research 2. What is assimilation? Assimilation, the process by which individuals or groups are absorbed into and adopt the dominant culture and society of another group. ...read more.


A network of government settlements was established to which any wandering "bush" groups were to be removed and where they were to be educated in the ways of mainstream society. By the late 1960's, however, the assimilation policy was increasingly being questioned, mainly because it failed to provide for the economic development of Aboriginal people. The policy was based on an assumption that the Aboriginal people would adopt the economic and cultural values of the white majority. To partake in development, Aboriginal people were required to alter radically their distinct cultural practices, particularly their attachment to the land. Yet, throughout the assimilation era, Aboriginal cultures continued to be remarkably resilient. This assimilation is similar to that of the Vietnamese people because they both have the same effects, bringing native cultures to a dead end. ...read more.


It is no wonder that by 1906 over 90% of American Jewry were non observant of Jewish law. They attempted to eradicate their Jewishness; many intermarried and most refused to identify with Jewish groups or causes. By the year 2000 it is interesting to note that the Jewish population in America has barely increased by one fifth while the general population has doubled in size. Such is the toll of assimilation, low birth rate and restrictive immigration policies. This example of assimilation is similar to that of the Vietnamese people. They were both forced to go to foreign land and got absorbed into and adopt the dominant culture. Although the Jewish example is more drastic, where the people almost completely forgot about their culture. ...read more.

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