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Sociology Evaluation of Method

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Evaluation Evaluation of Method My method has some very good aspects, but it also had some negative ones which I hadn't foreseen before beginning my project. One good aspect that my method had was that it allowed me to collect very in depth data, people were able to open up to me as it was unstructured interviews, I did have a problem with this though, as I didn't have prepared questions it was hard to compare my participants points of views afterwards and by talking so in depth about a sensitive subject like divorce things could get out of hand, one of my participants even began to cry as she became very emotional. The location to do my interviews in were varied, some were good and some were bad, one of them I had to do in my room and privacy was hard to come by. ...read more.


I would also interview more people. Evaluation of findings In relation of my first aim, to find out whether divorce on the increase is really seen as a negative aspect of today's society I found that people do take divorce less seriously than before but they don't give it less importance, I know this because nearly all of the couples I interviewed seemed slightly scared of divorce but would mostly consider it, I have found that, on contrary to my beliefs people don't rush into marriages and just get divorced when they find that marriage isn't what they expected, couples nowadays tend to cohabit first so that when they do get divorced they know it is the right thing to do, and the only way out. They cohabit to test their relationship, in order to avoid divorce. Some couples do not marry because of the threat of divorce. ...read more.


People see divorce as something negative and positive at the same time, it affects you in both ways and people realise this, they also know that divorce can give them a second start in life when most of their hope is gone. What was interesting about my project was that I was able to research on something that causes hundreds and thousands of people heartbreak and depression everyday but is also seen as normal, I learnt a lot from doing this project, I used to think that people were just careless and got married and divorced as if it doesn't mean a thing, I've found that this is not the case, although more people are getting divorced it doesn't mean that more people are getting married, people stand up for themselves more nowadays, and despite my previous beliefs people DO see divorce as a problem, but also as something positive. By doing this project I have learnt a lot. ...read more.

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