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The next stage

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The Next Stage Photograph helps us to save our memory, emotion and thoughts from the past. I Love to look back on my own photographs. It reminds me how I grew up, the hard time I had in school and encourage me to go through each stage of my life. The photograph of my graduation moment in pre-school reminds me of the confusion and anger I had before. Graduation was an unfamiliar word in my mind when I was young. Graduation to me was like UFO. I do not know what graduation really is and what it really means. The picture show how confused I was. I was holding a diploma like a stick. My face was not smiling and I just stood there because the teachers told me to. I can still remember the pre-school time I had. School in China was different from the United State. Teachers push a lot of works on the students. I had such a hard time in the class. I did not ever go kindergarten because I was not living in the city when I was young. ...read more.


Jiang. The story begins with I usually stay a very long time after school end because my parent pick me up after seven o'clock. I was not a student who received high grades. I was really lazy in that time I remember. I did rather sleep than doing my homework. Ms. Jiang was the one was so compassionate and she usually chats with me. She sometimes helps me on my homework, but most importantly she teaches me many value such as do not escape problems. When problems occur, the best way is to face it and try solving it immediately. She also teaches me how I control my emotion, and some strategy of dealing with people. Day after days, I start to have interest about poetry and philosophy. My school grade got improved a lot from middle low in the class to middle high in the class. I knew my grade improved was not just because Ms. Jiang helps me on my homework; mainly, it was Ms. Jiang helps me gained the confidence of studying. ...read more.


Jiang, She teaches me do not afraid and ignore the problems. I gain much more confidence to face my language problem and try not afraid to deal with peoples in school. Now, I was in the second year of college, this year was time for me to work hard and able to make enough credit for me to transfer. I was taking fifteen units as a full time student in this semester. Looking back and forth at the photo, I wore the cap and gown, and I notice the tassel on my cap was on the right side. Did I really graduate? I was confused sometimes, but that does not mean much to me. What it matter to me now is could I graduate from college to fulfill me and my parent's dream. The photograph preserves my memory of being confused and angry, but also it made me realized that the hard times I had in school. The hard time memory was not scaring me out but encourages me on my education path. And now, this picture brings me was not the memory; it was the confidence to step up to my college graduation.* ?? ?? ?? ?? Tang 1 ...read more.

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