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The Trials and Tribulations of being a teenager

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"The Trials and Tribulations of being a teenager" When I was a little boy I was asked many times 'what do you want to be when you grow up, Daniel?' I never knew how to respond to this, so to follow the crowd I just said I wanted to be a police officer. Nowadays I have a more mind-boggling answer, but I am still as confused. If I was asked today what do I want to do with my life, I'd say 'live it don't plan it'. The teenage years for me have brought with them the mishaps of mischief through to the traumas of tragedy. 'Being a teenager'. It sounded daunting when I was about ten, it was like your whole life was going to change and you were going to become this totally different person. It turns out that my views and my appearance have changed dramatically, but underneath the teenage exterior I am still the same boy struggling to fit in to a very modelled society, like I was five years ago. ...read more.


I was just walking the 300 yards to my house with a speaker in each hand and then as if out of a TV crime programme, blue lights and a siren come chasing up behind me. The policeman that was on the passenger side called me over and told me to put the speakers down. So here I was innocently borrowing from a friend and I get stopped, identity checked and followed home. It didn't bother me too much because I knew I hadn't done anything wrong, but if that isn't a teenage stereotype I don't know what is! My elders say many times how lucky I am to be young and have my whole life ahead of me, and that I should make great use of it with well-deliberated choices. In essence though I have the same basic choices that they had when they were my age; what to do with my spare time, whether to try in lessons, and who to go out with. ...read more.


I know I sound like I'm 15 going on 35 but I value the traditional things in life, accompanied by the few real added benefits of modern technology. Rather than a "Wa-hey, a new technology lets try and make it a part of everyone's life" type of attitude. As a 15 year I can appreciate the peer pressure that others feel themselves under, however I view them as sheep. Follow the flock attitudes are not for me, I am an individualist and am not afraid to express it. I actively avoid getting something new, or saying phrases because they are the 'in' things to do or say. These phases and phrases come and go, but established morals and precedents are there inside all people, elderly or teen, religious or murderous. Teenagers especially, have morals in there, but fitting in is more important to the average teenager so everything they've been taught goes flying out the window until they are away from their influences. The morals are there, they just have to be tapped. Please, there are the exceptions but we're not all bad though!! ...read more.

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