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We have been reading "Out of the Darkness" by Nigel Hinton as a class book. It is a romance story about two children whose lives become linked together. The two main characters

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Out of the Darkness We have been reading "Out of the Darkness" by Nigel Hinton as a class book. It is a romance story about two children whose lives become linked together. The two main characters are Liam and Leila. Liam is brought up in Stoke-On-Trent. His early life is a sad time where he is hated by his mother "she looked at the top of the babies head and she didn't like him." His mother thought that Liam was the cause of her marital breakdown and his dad leaving him and his mother. Liam's mother really didn't like his dad when he left she said "gone and good riddance." She abused Liam both physically and verbally "there were bruises on the side of his face." His mother got a new boy friend "this is Mr Watling." He head butted him "Liam threw himself head first at the man." They called social services and they forced him to go and live with his Gran "I don't want to live with Gran." ...read more.


Her parents spoke English and taught her it with no trace of an Indian accent. She was taught maths and astronomy. At night she slept with her servants. But one night some people after Leila blew up the servants house with one of Leila's close friends inside luckily Leila wasn't in there, she was in her house. After the incident her and her family fled to Afghanistan and hid. Her mother left and went back to India. Leila and her father left and travelled around Africa, but eventually they decided it would be best if Leila went to England. She flew to England and went to Frazergate Private School where she met Liam. There were three main occasions in Leila's and Liam's relationship the first being when Liam took Leila to London where she met the Rat and Liam became jealous, but Liam eventually overcame his jealousy and accepted that the Rat liked Leila. The second is when they were in Spain, Liam met Carlos and helped him in bringing in the fish in exchange for taking them to Morocco. ...read more.


As Leila had made Liam promise that he would go back to England and be fostered by the Carpenter's, he went back to Spain and was adopted by Migael Garcia. At the end of the story, where Leila dies I don't think that her relationship with Liam was wasted because even after her death he would still have all the memories of the good times they had spent together. Liam would also be able to tell the world the great things Leila had done.Leila also made Liam have some self worth, as well as this Liam tried to stay on the right side of the law and Leila helped him to do this. If Liam had never met Leila Liam would probably still be living in the slums with the Rat in and out of jail all the time and wouldn't ever find happiness in his life. His life would have been a total waste if he had never met Leila and helped her on her journey. In conclusion Out of the Darkness by Nigel Hinton was a good and interesting book full of twists and turns in the tale of Liam and Leila's path threw the book. By Alex Paveley 8LA ...read more.

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