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What is sociology?

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´╗┐What is sociology? ________________ A lot of people ask the question- what is sociology? That is not an easy question to answer. It is easier to say what sociology is not. It is not social work, social policy, an easy option nor is it just common sense. Although some would argue that sociology is enjoyable, it is as intellectually demanding as any you will study. Sociology is built up of two strands- theoatrical and empirical. This theoatrical approach covers a range of views on why society is the way it is, how they influence the individuals and the groups that live within it and vice versa. ...read more.


Another view is focused on the power relationships between men and women and the fact that men usually have more power over women. Some sociologists have begun to suggest that we are moving into a period where grand ideas are challenged and found undermanned. Empirical sociology refers to real research done on what is actually happening in society or what has happened in the past. It describes patterns and events in the past. It describes these patterns and events but it also looks at them and tries to explain and get an understanding of them through the conclusions of their research. ...read more.


Some of the big questions that exist in empirical sociology that involve auditing the various ways in which inequality can exist- in health, wealth and workplaces. You may begin to look at the society in which you live in a new way and should begin to see what is beneath the surface. For some people many of your own views in which you feel strongly about can be sorely challenged by what you are about to learn. It may sound as though you are about to acquire great powers but be aware that sociology can change your whole view of the social world. Be warned- sociology can change your life. Courtney Mcallister ...read more.

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