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Why was Slavery Abolished?

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Why was Slavery Abolished? Donna Murray 10m2 hhomework Slavery was abolished in 1865, for many reasons. Many men "awakened" to discover the unprofitable news of slavery. There are many different categories. Many of these are for slavery, but some are against it. I will explain the following categories in full: * The White Middle - Class campaigners * The white working class conditions * The black peoples actions * Economics. The white middle class campaigners: The white middle class campaigners were quite popular, as many a man were supporting the campaign. The greatest man ever known to the campaigners was Granville Sharpe. He campaigned against slavery. He fought on behalf of the black people and saved white a lot from being sent back to the West Indies. His master beat up a young, black slave and he ran away. ...read more.


Slave trade was eventually abolished in 1807. The white working class campaigners: The white working class people signed over 10.000 petitions in 1788 and in 1792 another 20,000 people signed a petition. The campaigners continued to campaign after slavery was abolished. They wanted to free all the existing slaves and make slavery illegal. One and a half million people signed petitions in 1814 to try and illegalise slavery. Most of the current slaves started to rebel. They demanded wages and they wanted to be treated like normal servants. Quite a lot of slaves ran away when rebelling didn't work. In 1800, slaves were still being sold in Britain, and taken back to the west Indies, without choice, but some were set free, as a result of trying and rebelling. The black people's actions: Some black people who used to be slaves traveled around the country and changed peoples views on slavery. ...read more.


British non-abolitionists used St. Dominique as an example to show the results if everyone was treated equally. Economics: The west Indies became less important to Britain in the 1770's. Brazil and Cuba could make cheaper sugar, so plantations in the West Indies were shut for good. Slaves demand fell as less and less slaves were needed. So, profitability fell too. The whole slave trade was abolished for good in 1807 but it took a further 27 more years to make slavery illegal. Every single person in the top 4 categories played an important roll in the abolition of slavery. The white middle class campaigners made the public realize it actually existed, and they had led many winning campaigns. The white working class campaigners signed petitions and showed evidence to the parliament. The black people ran away from their owners and they rebelled many times. The slaves were often took to court to get "won" back, but usually the courts favored the slaves. ...read more.

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