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A chapter form my autobiography dealing with the two weeks of my work experience.

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A chapter form my autobiography dealing with the two weeks of my work experience Work experience is important because it gives you insight into life of the 'outside' world. It gives the opportunity of working in a line that can be chosen as a career for future, giving the idea of the qualifications and steps needed to chase for the career you want to adopt. The pleasant news of doing a work experience in year eleven was revealed to me in early spring in 2003. It didn't really come as a shock to me because my brother had also done a work experience in year eleven and seemed to have enjoyed it and 'had a time of his life'. In that sense I was eager about work experience and couldn't wait to plan it. Many people I knew panicked when they heard about doing a work experience. They didn't have a clue what they wanted to do in future. I, on the other hand, had no problem with that. I had decided when I was seven that I wanted to be a doctor who treats children. It was only recently I found out that this type of a doctor is called a paediatrician. My next step was to hunt some suitable place which was appropriate for the career line I had chosen.


I also felt stupid when Miss Bowen told me to call her Laura. It was like as she was my friend. In a way I felt good because they were treating me like adults but the change was so sudden that I couldn't adopt it. The first thing Laura told me to do was to listen to children read. I was very keen and felt very grown up signing their reading records and telling them what they needed to do for homework. I hadn't finished listening to children when Laura told me to finish quickly so she could explain my next job to me. I looked up at the clock and was shocked to see that I already have taken fifteen minutes when Laura told me that it will only take few minutes. I realized that in adult life you have to do things in a way so you don't throw away too much of your time and the jobs are also done efficiently. After finishing with the children, I took down an old display, making sure I don't upset Laura by ripping any of the display because she needed to use it once more. I had to put up the new display using the staple gun. I was frightened to see that thing. I once used in my home and it was so heavy that I dropped on my foot while I was using it.


If anybody asked me if I had enjoyed my work experience then I would say yes because I would sum it up by explaining this day. By the end of the work experience I had learnt that adult life is not as easy as it looks and it can be very hard if you don't get the job you wanted to do. A part of me always knew that work looks very flashy from outside but inside it can be very demanding and hard. Even though my work experience wasn't successful, I would still look forward to work because I couldn't imagine a life where I didn't have a career. However I am hundred percent sure that I will miss my school life. I think work experience is a valuable experience in terms of future planning for any student, you can learn more about the career you want to adopt. However this was not the case with me. The work was not associated much with life as a doctor. But it was a good experience on terms of work; you learn how to work in an organisation. The main thing I gained from my work experience was working as a part of a team and on my own with children. I also learnt how organisations work behind the scenes. My work experience has taught me that working with children can be very demanding and stressful but I would like to take on the challenge and aim to be a paediatrician. Amina Hameed Work experience diary 1 of 7

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