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A day in the life of..... Amit Ruparel, 15, is a boarder at Repton School, doing his GCSEs. He lives in Derby with his parents, brother and sister.

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Amit Ruparel, 15, is a boarder at Repton School, doing his GCSEs. He lives in Derby with his parents, brother and sister. I wake up at around half-past seven with a big yawn. I then get up, grab my towel and shower gel, go downstairs and have a shower. Every time I wake up at this time of the morning I think if I were at home I would be still asleep. As soon as I have had my shower I go back upstairs and get changed. I then go downstairs for breakfast, which is compulsory. For breakfast I have a bowl of cereal and a glass of fresh orange juice. I like eating cereal at any time of the day. I think that it is nice at any point of the day. I also believe that fresh orange juice is really good for you. Recently I have been trying to be careful with my diet due to my weight, I am trying to eat as healthier as possible. ...read more.


I then have a five-minute break, which I get between every lesson. After the third lesson I have a break for half an hour. During the break I usually get myself a drink and a snack to eat. At one o'clock, after the fifth lesson, I have lunch, which lasts around forty minutes. I then go to my room and listen to music on my computer for ten to fifteen minutes, then get my books and go to the last three lessons, which finish at four o'clock, unless I have a half day. If so I will carry on playing on my computer or get changed and go to computer programming. I do computer programming because I enjoy playing around with software and also I have had past experience on it because I always watch my brother on the computer whilst he is making new programmes as project and so I would know quite a bit about making them. ...read more.


I go upstairs at seven o'clock get my books for the subjects that I have prep to do for and then go downstairs to 'the worker' and do my prep there. This is the part of the day, which I find most boring and when I wish that I was at home. I go downstairs and watch TV for a while after prep, but if nothing interesting is on I go and play on my computer. At this point if I was at home I would be going out with my friends. I go upstairs from the TV room to my room at half ten if I was downstairs to get ready for bed. At quarter to eleven it is lights out. I hate going to bed so early if I was home I'd still be out with my friends. I like going out at night. I find the vibe that is around you at night is amazing. When I go out at night it would probably be going to the cinema, playing pool at a club called Rileys or to the pub. Amit Ruparel A Life in the Day of... Mr Watson ...read more.

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