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Career development: Successful work experience

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Trident * WHERE I WENT Firstly I was going to the council at Sassy to join the civil engineers But due to lack of staff and paperwork problems I went to the council in the highways maintenance office. * WHY I DIDN'T GET MY DESIRED PLACEMENT * WHAT THE OFFICE WAS LIKE The office was a city of prefab huts my first impressions of the office on the first day was disheartening until I got inside the office is well designed in the councils colours a rich scarlet and white it was a vast difference to the ugly outside but its what's on the inside that counts!!! The office was decorated with computers and plotting devices maps and all different instruments used in the everyday life of the council. * DESCRIBE THE PEOPLE I WORKED WITH * HOW THEY MADE ME FEEL The other members of staff really made me feel welcome and part of the team they got me involved in projects that are real and not just made up to pass the time. ...read more.


Other projects included accident surveys and insurance claims but the hardest of all the mini projects was the designing of street lighting down my own street obviously a fabricated project but I followed the correct procedures as to what the project would have followed if I was genuine. As the different booklets show I had to design and plan the project, I had to perform a street survey and using the some of the best mapping technology I gathered information of where the YEDL cables were so that I could arrange for the lighting to be installed. The process involved selecting the most convenient lamp and column height to achieve the legal levels of light on the road. Lighting levels are measured in Lux as seen in the diagrams throughout the documents. * HOW WERE THE EXPECTATIONS DIFFERENT TO THOSE OF THAT OF SCHOOL? My expectations different very much to that of what I had for school, I expected to be making tea and doing relatively poor standard work, just as we are used to do on office duty. ...read more.


As I didn't know what to expect and I didn't know anybody. I was a total stranger to an office environment. * DID I FIND THE EXPERIENCE MORE DEMANDING? Yes, and no I found the experience demanding on the hours I had to work they were longer than school and I thought I wouldn't be able to cope but the hours were really flexible and the work was performed in a relaxed office atmosphere with people chatting to me and showing me the ways of the council. The days flew by but it was showing at home as I was going to bed earlier but I never felt the stain while at work I never felt tired until I came home and laid down. * HAS IT HELPED ME TO DECIDE MY FUTURE CAREER PATH? The experience has defiantly made me change my idea of what type of job I want while I'm older I have decided that I would like to be involved in the designing engineering type of work as it is more active Created by Stephen Malee Created on 01/01/97 8:52 AM C:\WINDOWS.000\Desktop\Steve\GCSE\English\Speaking and Listening\My Trident plan.doc Page 1 of 2 Danum School TC, 2003/4, Mr Stewart ...read more.

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