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Citizenship Activity Planning The aims of my activity are to raise awareness for the charity of my choice and also raise money for the charity. We also wanted to get a greater understanding of different acts of citizenship that would help our community and also the world. We decided to choose our activity before our charity because we wanted to have the charity connected with the activity some how to help raise more awareness and show ways in which you can help. My group started off with 4 people who were: Me (Team Leader), Frazer Mcallister (Activity Organiser), Joe Brazil (Financial Organiser), Danh Vo. But a couple of weeks later Danh left the group so we replaced him with Ajit Chauhan who became the Advert Designer because he is good on computers. Our group in general works very well together because we all have our separate skills such as one member was good at using computers (e.g. making adverts) and another member was good at communicating and asking people for things (e.g. asking for permission to use the gym), except for some people who didn't want to give up there own time to have a meeting. ...read more.


Because everyone in our group likes table tennis we decided to do a table tennis tournament and award the winner with a prize (e.g. awarding the winner with a trophy). We are planning to do the event the week before we break up for Christmas holidays. This way people will be in a festive and giving mood and would want to join in. The charity we are raising money for is the get active charity, which raises awareness about fitness and getting healthy around the world. I thought this would be good because our activity is sporty and fitness related which would help raise the awareness. Organising the Event Frazer did most of the organising for the event because he is the activity organiser but to start off he first asked Mr Deacon who sorts out all the table tennis but we also needed to ask the p.e department so we can sort out a suitable room to hold the event. The next thing we had to do was create adverts, which Ajit created. We placed the posters on the doors to all corridors because these are the most frequently used doors which means a lot of people will be looking at it, we also placed them at the main door. ...read more.


We charged �2.50 to enter the competition and around 10 people entered so we got �25. After we had received our money we then sent it off to the charity. I don't think our activity was very successful because I think we should have made more adverts to attract more and therefore raising more money. Although I think we gave people quite a good understanding about how easy and fun it can be to get fit and healthy. Evaluation Looking back at my aims I think we have successfully reached all our aims because we have raised awareness for our charity and also made money for it. We all also have a greater understanding of different acts of citizenship and they don't all have to be to raise money. Overall I think my group generally worked well apart from a few exceptions. If I could start this project again I think I would of chosen an activity that would attract more of a variety of people and therefore made more money. We are all glad we did this activity because if everyone did an activity like this we could stop world going obese and make everyone much fitter. Below you can see all our pieces of evidence. ?? ?? ?? ?? Citizenship Coursework ...read more.

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